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A Daily Gratitude Journal for Teachers, Coloring Quotes and Planner Pages

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Hey Fellow Teacher!

Are you looking for a new journal with lots to do? In this journal you have prompts to make you think about what is the most important things in your life and help you remember to be appreciative of your life and loved ones.

There are also added quotes that you can color for that few minutes you just need to relax and take a breather from your hectic schedule. Coloring is good for the soul and allows you to clear your head or brainstorm new ideas while you keep your hands busy.

Prompts you will find inside:

Today I feel grateful for:

Today I look forward to:

Things I will keep in mind today:

Something I will do for another:

The best part of today was:

A thanks to someone who made my day better:

Something that surprised me today:

Who are you grateful for?

Why are they special, and how can you make them feel special?

Spend a few minutes during your lunch or wait until the evening at home to jot down your thoughts for the day while answering the prompt of the day.

This 60 page book can be downloaded as a PDF to your computer, tablet or phone. Print it out as a whole or each day as you choose.

It is said that once you start a daily practice of gratitude you will find much more success and peacefulness come into your life. I too have started this practice and am a believer.

Add this journal to your daily self care practice and see and feel the difference in your life!

You will get a PDF (26MB) file