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Services I Offer

I started as a Virtual Assistant back in 2006 when Ghostwriting was almost an unknown way to make money online.

Over the years I have increased my skills, learned what I enjoy doing and what I do well. I found more people just like you, who were interested in getting started with a business online but didn't quite know what to do or how to maintain their online presence.

Since 2016, I have primarily concentrated on E-commerce and Self Publishing.

Below are the services I can help you with:


-installing Wordpress and Woocommerce

-adding products, descriptions, title and keywords

-adding a payment processor

-setting up an Etsy shop and adding products, finding keywords, and checking analytics

-creating mockup graphics for listings

-adding digital downloads

-also familiar with the product listings and maintenance for the marketplaces eBay, Amazon, Payhip, Gumroad, Facebook shop pages, StorEnvy, Bonanza, Ecwid, and eJunkie

-if you don't see your shop listed, just ask, I have worked with most in the past testing them all out to see which ones were the best


-formatting of paperback in various sizes

-turning images into coloring pages

-creating book covers and A+ content for Amazon KDP

-creating worksheets for kids to practice lessons

-creating activity books for kids

-uploading to KDP including proper title, keywords, description and cover

-uploading to Draft2Digital platform

-uploading to Lulu marketplace

Testimonials available upon request

$25 USD per hour-minimum 2 hours

$200 for a 10 hour monthly contract (savings of $50)


About Me-My Freelancing Background

I started Ghostwriting back in 2006 but burnt out in 2010. I took a break and did blogging for a few years before learning about being a Virtual Assistant in 2012. 

I worked for many Internet Marketers around the world doing blog maintenance, ebay, Amazon FBA, guest blogging, content writing, email marketing and whatever admin jobs they could use the help with. 

In 2018 I stopped, and got into Ecommerce and Self Publishing for myself. I wrote and sold PLR courses for all of the various platforms I studied and learned to sell on. 

I acquired one client in 2021 who wanted me to help her with her books, and I have enjoyed working with her since then. Now I am looking to get back into the field for a more permanent role and find more clients I can build a rewarding relationship with.

I find contentment when I can help my clients find success selling their own products online. Won’t you consider joining me today?