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eCommerce Business Start Up – Key Elements to Consider When Deciding How to Begin

With online stores becoming more of an attraction for business owners, buyers are liking the shorter form of sales page found in the e-commerce shop setup. As long as you still detail the benefits, and describe how the product will help the customer, that is really all you need to sell an item. Do you see Walmart throwing up long 3-page sales pitches for all 500k products they have? Wow, that would be time-consuming. Instead, they practice the art of making their product as enticing as possible to the customers with as little wording as possible.

So, although I have created a long sales page for a couple of my products to do some conversion testing, I am still an e-commerce lover who would rather run a store.

How do you decide what store to choose? Are you a techie? If not, installing one of the e-commerce choices included in your hosting control panel is probably the best way to go. Then all you need to do is click a few buttons to install and spend some time adding products, and a logo to make your own designer storefront.

As you learn more, you can do more. If you are still scared of anything technical, there are always sites such as Freewebs.com that allow you to set up a shopping cart on your site by just clicking on a widget. I often encourage new beginners to start with this type of site because you can start for free. Then as you get more familiar with the way things work, you can upgrade to more product availability.

Take your time to learn all you need to about creating a dynamic and unique professional storefront. Take a look around online at other small business owners e-commerce setups and see if you can get any ideas you can use for your own. If you are not proficient in using graphics software, and you do not have the money for a freelance artist, there are free online services/sites that can allow you to make a header you will love.

Running an online store can be fun and profitable if you do your homework and plan everything out as needed. More and more people every day are getting started buying online from the comfort of their own homes. This also is giving more business opportunities for those individuals looking for a way to start a home business.

Running your own store can be one of the most rewarding businesses you can start online today


3 Steps to Being a Competitive Retailer in the E-Commerce World

There are millions of shoppers online today looking for the best deal. Many of these consumers will spend hours going from shop to shop looking for the best price for both the product and the shipping, and how easy it is to place an order and return an order if needed. Since many online shops are selling the same products, online shoppers look for a few different factors to help them make a decision. In the following article, we will discuss what most consumers use for comparing online stores and how you can take the steps to being a competitive retailer in the e-commerce world.

Price Comparison Shopping
It only makes sense for the online shopper to want to get the lowest price they can. Most retailers will try to sell products at the same price as their competition. But, there are times when a retailer is trying to get rid of inventory so he can get in a new lineup, or is going out of business and needs to sell everything they can. As an online retailer, it is your job to constantly be on the lookout for a cheaper wholesaler or dropship source so that you will be able to put on more deals without still losing out on your overall profit.

The best way you can build a reputation and trust from your customers is to make sure you are registered with the Better Business Bureau. When a consumer wants to shop at your store but does not know if they can trust you, they will check with the BBB to ensure you are a legitimate and solid company. If you receive any customer compliments or ratings, you should post them on your site for others to read. This will be another way the consumer can feel more at ease shopping from your store.

Shipping Considerations for Comparison Checks
The price of shipping may make or break the deal with an interested online shopper. If a shopper finds 2 shops that supply the item they would like for the same price, the consumer will then look to see if one of the shops has a cheaper shipping rate. Some store owners pad the shipping costs to make more of a profit knowing that they are not making much of a profit on the actual sale due to their wholesale connections. Or if a Canadian is shopping in an American store, the price of shipping could cost more as opposed to if that consumer were to find a store that has a Canadian supplier.

For smaller items with not much weight, offering an express shipping method or overnight shipping may attract an online shopper to make the decision to purchase from your store. If it is cost effective and still gives you a profit, this may be one of the best ways to make a sale.

The Importance of a Return Policy
If a product has a hefty shipping charge and is a heavy item, many customers may not want to purchase the item in case they end up not liking it, or it does not go with whatever they thought it would. In the case of the item being the wrong product shipped or a defect, the retailer will more than likely pay the cost of returns. If you can make it as affordable as possible for shipping, and an easy process for returning, your customers will appreciate it and even though they may have to return an item, they will still have a satisfying customer service experience with you which will keep them coming back again the next time.

Running your own store can be one of the most rewarding businesses you can start online today.