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Solving Online Shopping Problems As a Store Owner

More and more people are beginning to shop online these days. This has given many new business owners an opportunity to set up a store and start making a decent income online. Although there are many advantages to online shopping, there are still some online shopping problems that customers encounter along the way. As a reliable, trust-worthy e-commerce business owner, it is your job to be able to address these issues and help your customers have a satisfying experience with you so they will keep coming back again and again.

These online shopping problems do not happen very often but when they do, they can cause a lot of grief and irritation. for the online consumer. In the following article, we will look at some of the general problems online shoppers can encounter.Once you know these issues, you can take the steps to help your customers feel confident in doing business with you.

Wrong Item Purchases

When one shops in a store near their home, the ability to ensure that the right item is selected with the correct size and color is an easy straight-forward process. When shopping online though, mistakes can be made when a product is not physically seen until after the order has been delivered. A customer can click on the wrong item number, or if making a phone request, can tell the operator a wrong product number or quote an incorrect color code. Having a system that is easy to navigate and uses a simple color code will help to reduce these online shopping problems.

The Wrong Item Received

From time to time, orders can be mixed up at the warehouse when preparing for shipping. This is not the customer’s fault so the expense would land on the store owner to take the necessary steps to send the proper item free of charge, and in some case, tell the customer they can keep the product that was shipped by accident. If you are using a drop shipper when you first start up with your e-commerce store, there are some benefits. The drop shipper will take care of all of the shipping, re-shipping, and concerns. You just need to email them or call and talk to your account rep on the phone, to discuss the situation. If your customer needs this item for a special event and does not have the time to wait for a new item with the standard shipping time, you will need to go out of your way and order the right product and pay for express shipping. This may seem like it cuts into your profit margin, but it is the only true way to treat your customers as people you value and not just dollar values.

Not being able to return an item

Sometimes shoppers choose to purchase online because they live in rural areas where they can not get to the store easily, or they work odd hours when stores are not open. Having to try to return an item when you either do not have the time or ability can become a frustrating aspect for some shoppers. If you create a strong relationship with your customers through email or on the phone, your customers can come to trust you and will feel that you really care about their situation. Once a customer contacts you with a problem such as this, try to find a way in which you can both come to a solution where you both can be satisfied. Sometimes, this means giving the odd item away as a freebie, in order to retain a customer for future sales. This will keep the customer coming back to you because they appreciate your customer service.

If you have been collecting the email addresses of your customers, when you send them out an email for your sales or new products, you could also include a survey or poll to get an idea of the problems they are having both at your store or any other online shopping experience. Using this advice will help you to create a more enjoyable, and smooth customer experience they will want to tell their friends all about.

Running your own online store can be one of the most rewarding businesses you can start online today



eCommerce Business Start Up – Key Elements to Consider When Deciding How to Begin

With online stores becoming more of an attraction for business owners, buyers are liking the shorter form of sales page found in the e-commerce shop setup. As long as you still detail the benefits, and describe how the product will help the customer, that is really all you need to sell an item. Do you see Walmart throwing up long 3-page sales pitches for all 500k products they have? Wow, that would be time-consuming. Instead, they practice the art of making their product as enticing as possible to the customers with as little wording as possible.

So, although I have created a long sales page for a couple of my products to do some conversion testing, I am still an e-commerce lover who would rather run a store.

How do you decide what store to choose? Are you a techie? If not, installing one of the e-commerce choices included in your hosting control panel is probably the best way to go. Then all you need to do is click a few buttons to install and spend some time adding products, and a logo to make your own designer storefront.

As you learn more, you can do more. If you are still scared of anything technical, there are always sites such as Freewebs.com that allow you to set up a shopping cart on your site by just clicking on a widget. I often encourage new beginners to start with this type of site because you can start for free. Then as you get more familiar with the way things work, you can upgrade to more product availability.

Take your time to learn all you need to about creating a dynamic and unique professional storefront. Take a look around online at other small business owners e-commerce setups and see if you can get any ideas you can use for your own. If you are not proficient in using graphics software, and you do not have the money for a freelance artist, there are free online services/sites that can allow you to make a header you will love.

Running an online store can be fun and profitable if you do your homework and plan everything out as needed. More and more people every day are getting started buying online from the comfort of their own homes. This also is giving more business opportunities for those individuals looking for a way to start a home business.

Running your own store can be one of the most rewarding businesses you can start online today


eCommerce Store Advantages – Create a Unique Selling Point to Attract the Most Business

Overall presentation of your site is key to keeping your visitors browsing around your pages. There are so many more shopping sites online now. What makes you decide to buy from one place over the other even when they may have the same products for the same price? Does one site appear more professional than the other site? Does it look like it has been around longer? Does it look like it is a more trustworthy site? What kinds of questions run through your head before you make that final choice?

The bigger name stores like Walmart, Toys R Us, Macy’s, Big Lots, and others can afford much more leeway in certain things than the smaller businesses. But does that mean they deserve all of the business then?

That is where the creative thinking/marketing comes into play. You need to find something unique to offer. Free shipping is a big one. If you can’t afford free shipping because you are working with a drop shipper who doesn’t offer it, can you find a cheap product that people may like and want to add for free? Free gift wrapping? I have a company I deal with that doesn’t offer free gift wrapping, but it is cheap so it is worth it to tell your customers it is free and you pay the little bit of difference. If it means the difference in sales or not for only a few dollars, it is worth it.

In these times as everyone surfs around looking for gifts online, it may get discouraging to the young new shop keeper trying to make a name for himself. They may feel like they really can’t compete. But Rome was not built in a day and neither was any other business. You need to keep persevering. Keep learning and practicing something new in regards to advertising and marketing every day, don’t allow yourself to have any negative thoughts, and just believe in what you have set out to do. Take out your mission statement.

Read over again what you had planned for your 5 and 10 year terms. Remind yourself that you are still on track, and will remain that way providing you keep going as planned. Something is only a dream without a reality if you have not properly prepared for it, and envisioned it as such. This is not a dream like winning the lottery. This dream is a future you have planned and prepared to work for long and hard no matter how it may seem from one day to the next.

The sad fact is that 95% of online businesses will fail within the first three years. To ensure that you are one of the top 5% who stay in business,you must be always looking for creative ways to help your customers, to market to new customers, and to keep in touch with those customers who have already purchased from you. If your customer has a positive experience with you and enjoys both your customer service and your merchandise, they will not only come back again but will run around and tell all of their friends and family. Work on improving your business every day, even if it is only one little thing at a time.

Running your own store can be one of the most rewarding businesses you can start online today.


Comparison Shopping Factors of Online Shoppers

Many online shoppers enjoy being able to visit multiple sites to view products for comparison shopping. What may take days or even weeks to complete in the offline world, can be done online in a matter of a few short weeks. Not only does the online shopper have the ability to compare products from stores in their own city, they can also check prices, deals, availability, shipping costs, and more from stores located all over the world.

The following factors will show the comparison shopping practices of many online shoppers.

With the ease of being able to open many browser windows with a number of stores for viewing, online shoppers can now smoothly take note of the many features they are looking to compare all at once. These aspects can include durability, available features, aesthetic appearance or price.

Online shoppers do not need to be bothered with traveling and expenses, weather conditions, or any other problems that can arise when having to visit physical store after store. This means that those online shoppers who are disabled or do not have the means to get out of their homes, can still look up charts and make a decision based on the knowledge they find as to the best store to shop from.

As an online store owner, providing a comparison chart where an online shopper can check the prices, features, availability, and more just by filling in a short form that will then show results from other stores for them to review, is a feature that many online shoppers can appreciate. This enables them to condense their research time for comparison shopping down even more by being able to view the information requested all from one main site.

Another factor to consider for comparison shopping with online shoppers is the availability for shoppers to look for and locate rare or hard to find items that can’t often be found in local stores. This can include products that are not in stock or items that are not widely showcased. Even if an item is out of stock, the use of a comparison chart allows online shoppers to view the features and benefits of the product so they can either look for something that is comparable that is available for sale, or they can find out when that particular item will be available in the future.

As an online store owner, being able to provide your visitors’ as much information about the products you carry will allow them to trust you, and have them frequently visiting which will increase the chances for future sales. Taking the time to look after your customers and offer them as many resources as possible to enable an easy and satisfying experience will turn many of these comparison searchers into long time return customers.

Running your own store can be one of the most rewarding businesses you can start online today


3 Steps to Being a Competitive Retailer in the E-Commerce World

There are millions of shoppers online today looking for the best deal. Many of these consumers will spend hours going from shop to shop looking for the best price for both the product and the shipping, and how easy it is to place an order and return an order if needed. Since many online shops are selling the same products, online shoppers look for a few different factors to help them make a decision. In the following article, we will discuss what most consumers use for comparing online stores and how you can take the steps to being a competitive retailer in the e-commerce world.

Price Comparison Shopping
It only makes sense for the online shopper to want to get the lowest price they can. Most retailers will try to sell products at the same price as their competition. But, there are times when a retailer is trying to get rid of inventory so he can get in a new lineup, or is going out of business and needs to sell everything they can. As an online retailer, it is your job to constantly be on the lookout for a cheaper wholesaler or dropship source so that you will be able to put on more deals without still losing out on your overall profit.

The best way you can build a reputation and trust from your customers is to make sure you are registered with the Better Business Bureau. When a consumer wants to shop at your store but does not know if they can trust you, they will check with the BBB to ensure you are a legitimate and solid company. If you receive any customer compliments or ratings, you should post them on your site for others to read. This will be another way the consumer can feel more at ease shopping from your store.

Shipping Considerations for Comparison Checks
The price of shipping may make or break the deal with an interested online shopper. If a shopper finds 2 shops that supply the item they would like for the same price, the consumer will then look to see if one of the shops has a cheaper shipping rate. Some store owners pad the shipping costs to make more of a profit knowing that they are not making much of a profit on the actual sale due to their wholesale connections. Or if a Canadian is shopping in an American store, the price of shipping could cost more as opposed to if that consumer were to find a store that has a Canadian supplier.

For smaller items with not much weight, offering an express shipping method or overnight shipping may attract an online shopper to make the decision to purchase from your store. If it is cost effective and still gives you a profit, this may be one of the best ways to make a sale.

The Importance of a Return Policy
If a product has a hefty shipping charge and is a heavy item, many customers may not want to purchase the item in case they end up not liking it, or it does not go with whatever they thought it would. In the case of the item being the wrong product shipped or a defect, the retailer will more than likely pay the cost of returns. If you can make it as affordable as possible for shipping, and an easy process for returning, your customers will appreciate it and even though they may have to return an item, they will still have a satisfying customer service experience with you which will keep them coming back again the next time.

Running your own store can be one of the most rewarding businesses you can start online today.


Credit Card Merchants-Tips for How to Use Them

One thing that can become a concern while doing business online is credit card fraud. We have all seen the commercials, we are all aware of the dangers. But how can we still do business with credit cards and prevent this from happening to us? By using the help of credit card merchants, you can safely protect your customers and receive money for sales in your own business.

If you are thinking of selling merchandise online, you will need to know what to do, who to trust and how to get it all started.
Here is an article that will give you some added insights and tips to help you decide how you would like to set up your account for receiving income.

Credit Cards and Your Business
Copyright 2005 Brad Eden

Any business will cringe at the thought of what the banks
put them through to use credit cards. If you do not know
what I mean, then this article is for you!

The fact is that everyone online wants to use a credit card
or debit card to process their order. It is very true in
our society that the credit card is a way of life, and if
you do not offer that ability to accommodate them,
customers will move on to another website that does allow
them to use their cards. This society has become driven by
instant gratification and expects to receive their products
immediately, either by a download or a short shipping
duration. Taking credit cards as a form of payment on the
internet or offline should be thoroughly understood. Read
on to see what I mean and how to protect yourself.

The fact is that any merchant taking in payments is
immediately at risk for whatever amount is charged and
MORE. The banks will take the charge disputed along with a
“charge back” fee right from your merchant account, and you
better have enough in there that has cleared to pay your
own bills or you will be charged more for “overdraft
charges”. Some banks are waking up to the fact that it is
not always the merchant at fault and most merchants are
more than honest in their dealings. There is so much credit
card fraud out there and since the merchants are ALWAYS
liable, you need to realize this and take action to prevent
as much disaster for your business as possible.

First, if you have your own merchant account, then you have
a lot of work to do when you receive a credit card order.
You must verify as best you can that the card, the name on
the card, the address, the cvv number verification, and the
quantities are all in order. You need to verify the IP
address of every order and see if it is within the location
of the card holder. A person living in Toronto, Canada,
probably would not be in Las Cruces, New Mexico, charging
products. This is a red flag but not a deal breaker, some
people DO travel. Caution needs to be taken to protect your
cash flow. As a merchant you must get money safely into
your account for any goods or service you provide, so that
you can become a larger or more substantial independent

Do not just take in cards and believe that everything is
going to be just fine now that you have the money in your
account, because it can come out just as fast, or faster,
than it went in. There is a real need for you to understand
a lot more than can be mentioned in this article.

The best way to receive all the tools and services you need
to protect yourself and to make your voice heard is to
check this website:http://www.merchant911.org This is a
group of dedicated individuals who have been working for
years to try to change banking and processing company rules
and regulations as relative to merchants, both large and
small. If you need any more proof of their dedication, just
read some of the press releases and look at the tools they
have assembled for merchants to use.

Right now is the time to start to protect yourself from
credit card fraud. If you have read any of the newspapers
or listened to any of the news reports, then you already
know you are at risk. There are reports of over 40 million
cards in the hands of criminals and thieves and they will
sell these cards or will use them in various illegal
methods. It’s not hard to imagine that some day soon you
will be approached and asked to spend your time and money
to ship a product or provide a service with these
fraudulent cards.

Do your part to keep America strong and allow your business
to grow and prosper, not be destroyed by thieves and credit
card sharks.

Brad Eden is a Entrepreneurial Sciences expert with 14
years of industry experience in real estate, marketing and
technical communication. He currently consults with IBM in
CA. Brad owns & operates a free traffic resource for

Credit card merchants like Paypal are designed to provide us with the best protection and easiest way to accept money from anywhere in the world. With the help of these companies, we can take our business to a whole new level of income and growth. Paying the monthly fees are worth the protection and ease of use we receive when signed up with sites like Paypal and they are known and trusted around the globe.