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Why You Should Be Doing Email Marketing with Your Business

Email Marketing is still one of the best ways to grow your relationship with your clients and customers and generate additional income for your business every month. I know not everyone knows the how or why, I didn’t learn too long ago myself, so here is a chart to show you why you should be jumping on board and investing in such a powerful tool. To get started building your own list with a free trial and then just $9.95 a month, simply click on the image below to take you to the sign-up page.

Some people may feel a little intimidated at the thought of all that goes into setting up your own email list and creating messages to send out to your subscribers but it is also a lot of fun and there are so many places you can find interested subscribers online that you would be silly to leave this business building aspect out of your arsenal.

Do you already use an autoresponder? Do you know others who have had success? Which ones do you hear other small business owners talking about and why? I look forward to hearing your comments below.

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P.S. If you ever need content for your blog or email messages, you should be sure to try out PLR packages. They are a great way to save you a lot of time, or a headache when you just can’t think of something new to write for promotions or even new digital products of your own. There is content on almost every niche out there so no matter what business you want to promote, you will more than likely find something that works for you all at an affordable price!

Email Marketing

CPA (Cost Per Action) is another method you could pay for. This is when you pay other affiliate marketers something like .50 or $1 for a lead. This is normally a name and email address. No one has to buy anything so this often has excellent results for the affiliate marketer who gets a lot of traffic to their site. But because it is a low payment for the marketer, they know the money is in the volume so unless they do have a lot of traffic, this method is not the best way to make money for them.

This is also not a good method for an entrepreneur to use either if they do not have a good list and relationship with their email list. The only reason why business owners pay for leads is because they know that they can turn that lead into money down the road.

You should be able to make $1 to $7 for every person on your email list. But this is also another advertising and marketing method that must be studied more so that you do not waste your time. Many people do not see money from their list for a while once they have them. The trick is to keep them on your list, get them to open your messages and learn to trust you. Once they do, they will eventually buy off of you. But you need to nurture that relationship. You cannot act like they are just there to make you money because if you don’t treat them right, you won’t have any money.

You can also have a free avenue for building your list with a squeeze page and a free offer such as a book or piece of software that they receive when they sign up. This does save you money but is a slower process for the most part unless your blog/website/squeeze page receives a lot of traffic.

If you don’t have a product to give away or sell, you can purchase what is known as PLR material. This can be books, videos, courses, or even software. What you do is go through it, make some changes, add some things if you want, and then put your name on it.  It then becomes your own product to sell or give away.

You can purchase PLR material many places online and one of my favourite places to find content is through Easy PLR. They are my personal favourite and I have never heard anything bad about them. The owner Nicole Dean is also a big time successful marketer who teaches at an event called NAMS twice a year where many of us go to learn more tricks for growing our business online.

When you have an email list, you can send special offers to them that offer them extras for purchasing. For example, if you were trying to host an event and needed to sell tickets but needed to gain more exposure, you could offer a free report you had just written, a free coaching session, or something else you may feel like they would benefit from depending on your niche if they agreed to buy your tickets.

Need help with your email marketing? I have been using Aweber for the last few years successfully and there are so many useful tools you can use to build your business it is definitely worth the $20 a month. You can watch all the videos you need for help on getting things set up plus if you sell things online at places like Etsy, you can install a cool app that will allow you to import your customer list from there to your aweber account seamlessly and without pain so you can work on getting repeat sales and continuing to keep your customers happy. Sign up for a free 30 days now!

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Don’t leave money on the table. $10 to $20 a month for such a powerful tool that will help you build your income to multiple figures is not a lot to pay and entirely worth it!

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Building a List

We all want to be successful online. Some of us prefer to promote affiliate products due to not having any of our own yet, or just because we enjoy being able to promote so much of a variety of products. Whichever choice works best for you, amassing a targeted list of potential buyers is something we should all be setting our sights on. Although there is tons of free information online of how to create a list, it all boils down to having the traffic to build up this subscriber base.

Once you start to build up your list, regardless of how small or long it may take you, you need to treat your subscribers well. Offer freebies now and again, don’t harass with too many emails and talk to your customers/subscribers like they matter and are not just a means to dollars in your bank. Relationships take a long time to develop and grow. You want your customers to trust you. This will take time. If you come right off and start pushing sales without offering freebies, or useful information, you will soon find yourself alone without a list after everyone has opted out.

It may be harder now to get optins due to the fact everyone is trying to accomplish the same thing but it is not impossible with a lot of persistence and dedication. So go get that Aweber.com account for $20 a month, create your optin form, throw it up on your website or blog, and set up your first 5-10 emails with your freebie promos, offers, and introductions. Be patient as it may take some time to start getting people signing up but they will. The first signup is the hardest.

Feel free to post any comments here if you would like to give other readers some tips or encouragement on how you are doing with your list building and if your list helps make you additional money every month.