Coach with Me

Who Am I?

I am a Self Publishing and E-commerce Coach.

I help you take the words that are within you and create a book that you can share with the world. Books are the doorway to success in so many fields. Learn to share your expertise and experience through Self Published books. As a creative, I am also here to help those who would like to create and sell Coloring Books, Puzzle Books, Playing Cards, T-Shirts or Mugs. Join me in this journey today.

How do I do this?

1 on 1 coaching sessions

I can walk you through from start to finish or help you with where you are stuck.

$100 per hour

Why Should You Choose to Work with Me?

-I have written and Self Published over 30 books (12 how-to guides, 10 children’s picture books, 5(and counting) kids coloring books, and numerous Adult Coloring Pages)

-I love to read, write, and share on a variety of topics

-I am a FOREVER student which means I am constantly learning, applying new strategies, and growing

-I believe EVERYONE should have the opportunity to learn and share with the WORLD. Your story CAN help someone else. I want to help you get that book out there so you can get started helping those you are meant to impact.

-I am MOTIVATED and full of ENERGY.

I can’t wait to work with you!

Book your sessions with me now. First 30 minute consultation is free. Minimum 2 sessions to start.