Coach with Me

Who Am I?

I am a Self Publishing and E-commerce Coach.

I help you take the words that are within you and create a book that you can share with the world. Books are the doorway to success in so many fields. Learn to share your expertise and experience through Self Published books. As a creative, I am also here to help those who would like to create and sell Coloring Books, Puzzle Books, Playing Cards, T-Shirts or Mugs. Join me in this journey today.

How do I do this?

1 on 1 coaching sessions

I can walk you through from start to finish or help you with where you are stuck.

$100 per hour

Book your sessions with me now. First 30 minute consultation is free. Minimum 2 sessions to start.


Weekly Group Sessions

Join with other like-minded individuals every month to learn how to create and sell your own book, journals, planners, coloring books and more. Group settings have been known to help you experience more exposure, growth, and profit with your books. Not interested in writing or self publising but still want to make money online? Our membership is called “Sell and Publish Like a Pro” because not only do we cover writing topics but we also cover everything ecommerce and selling online related. Come find out what we cover every week. We cover a different topic every month. Membership can be canceled at any time.(these will be recorded live through Zoom every week)

In our private Facebook Group, we will have daily questions and answers to help you with any issues you may have along the way.

Once a week we will choose a member who would like their book critiqued or brainstorm a book topic to launch.

We will have monthly group challenges.

$37 per month (jump in now and try it out for just $19.95 for your first month)

Ready to sign up and give it a go?  Come visit us now, here


Why Should You Choose to Work with Me?

-I have written and Self Published over 30 books (12 how-to guides, 10 children’s picture books, 5(and counting) kids coloring books, and numerous Adult Coloring Pages)

-I love to read, write, and share on a variety of topics

-I am a FOREVER student which means I am constantly learning, applying new strategies, and growing

-I believe EVERYONE should have the opportunity to learn and share with the WORLD. Your story CAN help someone else. I want to help you get that book out there so you can get started helping those you are meant to impact.

-I am MOTIVATED and full of ENERGY.

I can’t wait to work with you!