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Create Your Own Online Shop

Have a blog of your own? Why not. But having your own online shop is even better! It takes less than five minutes to sign up, a few more to personalize your shop and finally, a pleasurable stroll through Zlio’s directory of over three million items to fill your newly-created virtual e-store. And at the end of the day, you get a commission on every sale generated through your store (2 to 15%, depending on the supplier).

The most important thing, then, is to generate traffic on your shop (mine’s here, by the way!) Or in addition, you can rely on your family and friends – indeed, if you refer someone to Zlio, Zlio gives you a free bonus of 10% of that person’s commissions, for ever, and 5% of the commissions of anyone they refer in turn! By the way, I thought I might mention that my referral link is, in case you’d care to click on it!

Credit Card Merchants-Tips for How to Use Them

One thing that can become a concern while doing business online is credit card fraud. We have all seen the commercials, we are all aware of the dangers. But how can we still do business with credit cards and prevent this from happening to us? By using the help of credit card merchants, you can safely protect your customers and receive money for sales in your own business.

If you are thinking of selling merchandise online, you will need to know what to do, who to trust and how to get it all started.
Here is an article that will give you some added insights and tips to help you decide how you would like to set up your account for receiving income.

Credit Cards and Your Business
Copyright 2005 Brad Eden

Any business will cringe at the thought of what the banks
put them through to use credit cards. If you do not know
what I mean, then this article is for you!

The fact is that everyone online wants to use a credit card
or debit card to process their order. It is very true in
our society that the credit card is a way of life, and if
you do not offer that ability to accommodate them,
customers will move on to another website that does allow
them to use their cards. This society has become driven by
instant gratification and expects to receive their products
immediately, either by a download or a short shipping
duration. Taking credit cards as a form of payment on the
internet or offline should be thoroughly understood. Read
on to see what I mean and how to protect yourself.

The fact is that any merchant taking in payments is
immediately at risk for whatever amount is charged and
MORE. The banks will take the charge disputed along with a
“charge back” fee right from your merchant account, and you
better have enough in there that has cleared to pay your
own bills or you will be charged more for “overdraft
charges”. Some banks are waking up to the fact that it is
not always the merchant at fault and most merchants are
more than honest in their dealings. There is so much credit
card fraud out there and since the merchants are ALWAYS
liable, you need to realize this and take action to prevent
as much disaster for your business as possible.

First, if you have your own merchant account, then you have
a lot of work to do when you receive a credit card order.
You must verify as best you can that the card, the name on
the card, the address, the cvv number verification, and the
quantities are all in order. You need to verify the IP
address of every order and see if it is within the location
of the card holder. A person living in Toronto, Canada,
probably would not be in Las Cruces, New Mexico, charging
products. This is a red flag but not a deal breaker, some
people DO travel. Caution needs to be taken to protect your
cash flow. As a merchant you must get money safely into
your account for any goods or service you provide, so that
you can become a larger or more substantial independent

Do not just take in cards and believe that everything is
going to be just fine now that you have the money in your
account, because it can come out just as fast, or faster,
than it went in. There is a real need for you to understand
a lot more than can be mentioned in this article.

The best way to receive all the tools and services you need
to protect yourself and to make your voice heard is to
check this website: This is a
group of dedicated individuals who have been working for
years to try to change banking and processing company rules
and regulations as relative to merchants, both large and
small. If you need any more proof of their dedication, just
read some of the press releases and look at the tools they
have assembled for merchants to use.

Right now is the time to start to protect yourself from
credit card fraud. If you have read any of the newspapers
or listened to any of the news reports, then you already
know you are at risk. There are reports of over 40 million
cards in the hands of criminals and thieves and they will
sell these cards or will use them in various illegal
methods. It’s not hard to imagine that some day soon you
will be approached and asked to spend your time and money
to ship a product or provide a service with these
fraudulent cards.

Do your part to keep America strong and allow your business
to grow and prosper, not be destroyed by thieves and credit
card sharks.

Brad Eden is a Entrepreneurial Sciences expert with 14
years of industry experience in real estate, marketing and
technical communication. He currently consults with IBM in
CA. Brad owns & operates a free traffic resource for

Credit card merchants like Paypal are designed to provide us with the best protection and easiest way to accept money from anywhere in the world. With the help of these companies, we can take our business to a whole new level of income and growth. Paying the monthly fees are worth the protection and ease of use we receive when signed up with sites like Paypal and they are known and trusted around the globe.

eBay Tips for Successful Selling

There are so many sites out there now designed to work with you to sell products if you have a lot to sell but don’t have the time,know-how or money to create a website of your own to promote.One well known company is ebay. I was reading of one lady who made a living of going around to garage sales and finding items that are listed in a directory with a value of profit.Successful selling on eBay is possible if you know the best eBay tips to follow.

She then posts the items on ebay to see if she can get the proposed amount. In alot of the cases she has exceeded the value and then some. You would be surprised what some things go for online. And it is a fun venture to get into.

My brother made a good living selling laptops and accessories online before graduating to greater things a couple years later. Do you like ipods? You can check out my brother Matt’s site for purchase or repair.
I would like to share the following article with you regarding ebay tips if you are thinking of getting into selling on ebay.

Beware: The Dangers of Selling on eBay 101
Copyright 2005 Brad Eden

It’s obvious that eBay provides internet users with an
online flea market where buyers and sellers from around the
world meet to conduct trade.

However, like most traders who are faced with an innovation
of this sort, the first question will always be: It is safe?

The answer is yes, but devious scammers seem to be plotting
daily to forward their dastardly schemes and take advantage
of eBay’s power.

So, what is the user’s recourse? The users of eBay must
learn to gather information and take meticulous care in
dealing on eBay. Only then can they be less gullible to

A common consensus is that bidders are often scammed by
sellers. But it is possible for things to be the other way

Here is a list of the common problems sellers encounter and
the means to handle them.

Fake Escrow Services

A winning bidder may request that an escrow service be used
to assure both parties of a fair transaction.
Unfortunately, the seller is sometimes duped into using a
fake escrow system.

To avoid this situation, the seller must always verify the
authenticity of an escrow service. eBay recommends the use
of If the bidder insists on his or her escrow
service, chances are, that person is a scammer.

Victims of this fraud find it difficult to reclaim their
items. They may, however, appeal to the legal system
afforded by the state they live in. They must also contact
eBay regarding the matter for any assistance they may be
willing to offer.

Deadbeat Bidders

Deadbeat bidders (a winning bidder who doesn’t pay for an
item at the auction’s close) are more common on eBay. If
the winner of your auction does not pay, you may leave that
person a negative feedback.

As for the listing fees the seller shells out, eBay lays
out a four step procedure that sellers can use to
potentially recover lost selling fees. If sellers complete
the process to eBay’s satisfaction, they will receive a
Final Value Fee credit and a re-list credit. Filing out an
Unpaid Item dispute is the first step toward eBay
reimbursing such fees. A person can report an unpaid item
up to 45 days after an auction’s close.

Trade Dispute

This occurs when the seller and bidder disagree on some
terms of the sale. This may also happen if there is a
purported violation of any of these agreements.

If communication between both parties does not help, they
may consider availing of a third-party dispute resolution
outfit to help. is one of these outfits
that eBay recommends.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

A seller’s life may be made terrible because of the
constant scamming attacks unscrupulous individuals
undertake. But, with proper information and care, he or she
can continue trading on eBay with relative safety.

Payment Methods on eBay

Gone are the days when only cash (or cattle in some cases)
was the only accepted mode of payment for trades. As the
concept of trading evolved, so did the means of paying for

Today’s electronic world pushes the envelop further. With
the advent of online trading systems such as eBay, many new
forms of payment have flourished.

First of all, on eBay, the mode of payment depends on the
agreement between the buyer and the seller. Most often, the
seller will specify his or her desired payment method. In
these cases, the seller often has primacy in the decisions
regarding payment modes. However, the buyer may still
communicate with the seller regarding a viable alternative
if it suits both parties.

The following is a list of common eBay payment modes.

Cash On Delivery

Cash is, after all, still cash. This payment method can be
done through a third party courier system or by the buyer
and seller meeting each other at an agreed place. The
advantage of a cash transaction is that the exchange of the
item for payment is done in the presence of the buyer and
the seller (or the seller’s representative). However, some
people will not accept the risk present when two strangers

Personal Check

One popular method of payment is personal check. Writing
checks is easy and safe. However, many sellers do not like
accepting check because they are easy to cancel.


PayPal is the payment of choice on eBay. In fact, eBay owns

Using PayPal is easy, convenient, and relatively safe.
PayPal acts as like an internet ‘wire transfer.’

After signing-up for PayPal, one may send cash to anyone
with an email address using the PayPal system. PayPal also
has security features that safeguard against fraud in case
there is a dispute between the seller and the buyer. This
system is best for transactions up to $1000. is the payment of choice for purchases over
$500. holds the buyer’s money from the seller
until the seller delivers the item. Only then will the
funds be released to the seller. This system makes for a
very safe, although highly procedural transaction.

Wire Transfer

This is the payment of choice for countries that do not
carry the PayPal service. Wire transfers are risky because
the buyer usually has to wire over the funds before the
seller sends the items. The chance for non-delivery of
items is high.

Other Payment Systems

The number of third party payment services is steadily on
the rise. Their systems for payment vary. However, to be
successful they must be convenient to use and safe as well.

Brad Eden is a Entrepreneurial Sciences expert with 14
years of industry experience in real estate, marketing
and technical communication. He currently consults with IBM
in CA. Brad owns & operates a free traffic resource for

Like with all other business models dealing with selling items, success is a matter of trial and error. You may find that you lose money when you start with shipping if you don’t follow the best ebay tips you can find regarding this matter. This is what happened with me but soon enough, I was back on track and doing ok. Selling on eBay can be really fun if you would like to try it out.