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The Big Book of Boys Adventures Coloring Book

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Do you have an adventurous little guy in your life today? Looking for adventure stories to
share with him to help him settle down for a moment or two or to make bedtime a little easier?
I have compiled 4 of my best books for boys together into one big book for you. Be prepared to
have to sit and read more than one story at a time though!

What stories are in this book?

A Trip with Grandpa
Do you love hanging out with your Grandpa? Do you have special times, just the two of you?
Well, join in the fun as this little boy goes on a memorable trip in the car with his Grandpa
as well.
You will see some cows, eat some ice cream, stare up at the Moon and the Stars in the sky, and
Turn the pages in this great adventure and spend a fun day on a trip with Grandpa.
24 pages of coloring fun!

My New Pet
We all know how adventurous and daring little boys can be, don't we?
This story is all about a young boy who loves pets. He finds a new green pet and brings him
home to show his mother. Follow along through the pages as he encounters one thing after
another trying to keep up with his new pet.

From making him a bed out of an old shoebox and socks to chasing him down a long dark hall,
you will laugh along as you turn each page.
Get wrapped up in the story as you feel the bond grow between these two special new friends.
24 pages of rhyming fun! Easy first reader books for boys.

Waiting for Santa
This is the tale of a little boy who is waiting for Santa. He imagines all of the toys and
gifts his Santa will bring. Share the delight as this little boy dreams of all the fun he can
have when he can sneak down and meet Santa.
24 pages of rhyming fun.

Time for School
Get your little one prepared for school by reading this funny rhyming story. Your child will
learn just how much they can do when they go to school. Each page will share one thing your
child can do such as making crafts from popsicle sticks, playing ball, having snack, playing
in the sandbox, painting, reading stories, playing games like musical chairs, and so much
more! 30 pages of full sized 8.5 x 11" fun for your child today!
You will get a PDF (32MB) file

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