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About the Author

Born and raised in Toronto, ON Canada. Melanie Bremner is a mom of four wonderful children. She first started writing when she was ten years old. After winning a spot in her school newspaper for her creative poem, Melanie decided to venture into the land of children’s picture books.

As she grew older, she started to make money writing tutorials and sharing her knowledge with students both at her local community center and online. If she is not found writing or drawing, she is probably cooking, sewing dolls, crocheting or doing crafts with her kids.

Melanie has also been a virtual assistant for internet marketing clients helping them to get a website or ecommerce site online. She has experience selling on platforms such as eBay, Amazon FBA, StorEnvy, Shopify. Bonanza, iOffer, and Etsy. She has worked with dropship companies, wholesalers, and created and sold her own information products and physical products over the last 10 years.

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