Ever Thought About Being a Product Tester?


Good day! Today it is a little overcast here but I am enjoying it after suffering through record high temps over the last week or so. My favorite weather is around 75 degrees or 21 Celsius. I could handle that all year around. Unfortunately here in southern Ontario Canada, we have winter 5 months out of the year and it can hit as low as -42 during January or February. I really don’t know how our Northern brothers and sisters handle -60. To me, that is just not weather fit for humans!

Anyways….let’s get down to business shall we? I have been discussing the various survey and get paid to sites I use to make money every month. One thing I recently started doing was product testing. It was fun. It depends who you work with and their requirements but you can earn both money and a free product to test some places.

Where do you find these companies and opportunities? Within the various surveys sites that’s where! I will put some of the popular links down below here so you can sign up and check them out if you have not already. As an American, you have more opportunities than Canadians and other International residents but things are changing and more are being added every day!

I know many people look at what I do and think there is not much money in it but you really do have to look at the BIG picture! Between the daily tasks you do yourself for smaller cash, the referrals under you, and the extras like products you can keep, it can all work out for you every month and be FUN! Finding ways to save money is just as important as making money sometimes. If you can keep an $80 product just for writing a review or completing an hour survey, that is money you don’t have to put out of your own pocket. Right?

I made up a short video last week about my first experience and product. I am going to post it here for you to check out. Then, if it sounds like something you could get into, click on a banner below and get signed up at some places and see how it works. You will need to take some surveys for a few months before you get an opportunity to test products but if you keep at it, you will go from surveys to small products to big products like toys, kitchen items, health and fitness products and more. How could you pass this up?

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Have any of you had any experience already being a product tester? If so, I would love to hear about it. Please leave a comment below.