Top 5 Reasons to Start Your Own Craft Business



With the change in society and our economy(it seems it doesn’t really matter where you live these days), it is becoming more enticing and promising for many to start their own business from home. Once upon a time you may have had to go and spend years in school to learn business but now with the internet, some time, research and dedication, you can use your experience or skills to start a business doing what you love.

One of the popular home business start ups for 2015 seem to be in the craft world. With sites like Etsy that are there for those who are not so technically inclined, you can set up a shop to sell your wares in less than a week. You now have the option to reach a wider customer base. You can still go out and enjoy selling at craft fairs, flea markets, farmer’s markets, school events, or wherever you can find a vendor opportunity but now you can find yourself selling half way around the world at the same time!

So today I would like to share 5 reasons why it could be a great time for you to start your own craft business if you have been contemplating it lately.

1.) you can get started for less than $500. There are so many tools and services available online today that only cost pennies a month to use(or are even free depending on what you need), that it doesn’t have to be expensive to start. I started a crochet business a couple months ago. I bought about $100 or so worth of yarn, some other accessories like needles, stitch markers, measuring tape, yarn ball winder, etc.and paid for my business fees as required and I was pretty much good to go for expenses.

2.) you can start off part time, and work your way up to full time. A lot of people are afraid to get started because they think they need to invest full time into their business. But that is not true. If you only have 2 hours a night to spare; well those 2 hours will add up over time! Do what you can every day you can, and work towards a future where you can be full time and finance your day to day life.

3.) places like Etsy not only allow you to sell on their platform for a reasonable price but they also have a complete sellers handbook that shows you how to go from start to finish and even market online effectively

4.) it allows you to work at something you love. When you can work at something you love doing, you will put your best into it and not stop until you have found a way to make it successful. Sometimes people think that this niche is too popular and that everyone and their brother seem to be doing it but that doesn’t mean that you cannot make money if you jump in as well. Find your unique selling proposition, find your flair for making products uniquely yours even if they may be similar to other sellers, and work smarter not harder so you can leverage every minute of time.

5.) You can’t think of anything else but your patterns, products and running your own business. If you carry around a notebook and find yourself sketching down ideas no matter where you go, you should be working towards the dream of starting your own craft business. Don’t let fear of the unknown or lack of a business degree stop you. These are all things you can quickly find out as you go along now that the internet is here! If you truly have to stay working for an employer to make ends meet right now, then perhaps you should not jump in full time. But like mentioned above, start off part time and grow your business a little slower.

Just another side not here if I may….you may find that you do not make as much money in the craft industry as you would a regular ole job. Many crafters say that they only make minimum wage on average so, you might have to find ways to cut down your expenses or take a part time job, or find multiple streams of income(some start a blog and generate money through affiliate commissions such as I do here on this blog).

If you truly feel in your gut that you were meant to be crafting away your days and running your own business, than you will find a way! If you would like some help planning or brainstorming ideas than, post a comment below or contact me here. I would love to help you reach your dreams!