The Must Have Grammar Tool for Writers to Make More Money


I have been a ghostwriter since 2006. While it is not the only thing I do, it is one thing that has enabled me to make money on a consistent basis. But I have a few faults…

Even though I am an excellent researcher and can put together great content, I have my shortcomings. One of them is grammar. I remember going to try out for a transcription job of all things(not even a writing gig!) and I had to take a grammar test. Guess what? Yup…I failed. 78% was the score I received. Passing score to get the job? 80%. Well, wasn’t that just a kick in the pants.

So what did I do? I hunted down some free grammar tests and lessons online and set out to hone my skills, but no matter what I did it seemed, I couldn’t wrap my head around correct punctuation or syntax. Annoying! I want to be able to write in a nice conversational tone, I like to just sit down and type whatever I am thinking in my head. I guess, that is one of the main reasons I decided to turn to blogging.

But if you are like me and still have a knack for writing, still enjoy the trade and want to make money, there is a solution. Technology is great! You can purchase a membership for tools such as Grammarly and when you have finished your work, simply upload or copy and paste your article into the tool and it will show you where your errors are and how to fix them.

Isn’t that just what you need?! I know it has helped me a great deal. While I have just been using it so far for a few days and I really have more of the features to explore, I have been able to polish off more articles and hand them in with almost perfect scores every time. This results in the companies I work for wanting to give me more work and the work that pays better. I think that is worth the small investment of this little gem every month.

I made a little video yesterday to show you some of the features, you can watch it here.


This tool is not only useful for writers who want to do better, but students could use it when creating their reports and essays for school, or even other jobs like the transcription that I mentioned above.

So, if you think this may be the tool you have been looking for, why not click the banner below and start your 7 day free trial today!

Make sure you come back here once you have used this tool and share your thoughts with us. I would love to hear how it helps you.