Choosing the Right Survey Sites to Make the Most Money


I was busy doing my daily surveys today when I realized that it as been a long while since I talked about surveys and how you should go about choosing the ones that make it worth your time.

Surveys are a great way for anyone to pick up some extra cash. But there are still many people complaining and shouting “Scam!” or “Waste of time!” when you mention surveys. While I do admit, sometimes these surveys can be boring, they still only take 15-20 minutes max out of your day and earn you anywhere from $2-$10.

While we don’t expect to live off of the earnings from survey sites, making a few hundred dollars every month or few can really help out. But you must know which ones to choose and stick with and which ones to give up on.

1) First off, never waste your time with sites that only pay with points or prizes. These are not worth your time unless you use them specifically for saving up for xmas presents.

2.) Don’t bog yourself down with too many survey companies. I know a lot of people talk about signing up for as many as you can to have the most opportunities sent to you but I know from personal experience that having 3-5 sites I enjoy working with and that send me surveys I tend to always qualify for ends up making me the most money in the long run.

3.) If you look around, you can find sites that offer you a dashboard that you can log into every day and check for surveys on your own instead of waiting to emails to be sent to you only to find out you don’t qualify anyways. With these sites, you can determine which surveys will make you $8-$10hr which is your goal. That means an average of $2-$3 for a 15-20 minute survey.

4.) The more surveys you do, the more you will receive and the higher payouts they will offer. Most people do not stick around long enough to find out. I work with one site called Survey Lion where it took me 3 years before I got a $10 survey but I have been with this company for almost 5 years now and it has paid off. This is one of my favorite sites and one of the best for Canadians.

I am going to put some banners here for the sites that I make money with and I enjoy using. While you will need to decide for yourself if they are the best for you based on demographics, I find most women around my age(40ish) with children and work from home have pretty good success with these sites.

(only Americans right now)

(only Canadians right now)

I know that some of these sites only have surveys for North Americans but I also know that there are other sites specifically for Europeans, Australians, and other countries.

If you are from anywhere other than North America, you could try these sites to see if they accept you.

Well, enjoy, and until next time, I hope you take care!

Please feel free to comment below if you have found any great sites that you enjoy and earn well with. I would love to hear about your experiences.