Cash Surfing Network-Making Money with Traffic Exchanges

I hear the groans now…Traffic exchanges?! Really? They just don’t work and are such a waste of time!!

Well, that idea has now changed. A few owners have been hard at work setting up a complete business platform so you are guaranteed to make money every day if you surf just 6 of the sites that are within their network.

When I first decided to check this program out, I didn’t know what to think. I too have spent some time on traffic exchanges and while I love the ease of them, the ability to surf up to 7 or 8 at a time, and still listen to motivation videos or even write some content, I didn’t see much progress or results with these types of sites after 3 months of surfing a couple hours a day 3x a week.

So, back to this Cash Surfing Network gig. Why is it different?

Well, for starters, they have spent countless hours setting everything up, creating training videos to walk you through every step to get you up and running, and have interlinked many, many potential income streams so that you can build up income from many sources.

Because it is all linked together, all you have to do is promote your one Cash Surfing Network affiliate link and anyone who joins you will then do what you did, sign up to all the other programs(most are free and then you can upgrade anywhere from $2-$15 in them any time you want or can afford to. You still get 10% commissions on everything when you are a free member but up to 35% commissions when you go paid)

I upgraded in this program taking the One Time Offer for the King membership. This allows me to not only promote any other business opportunity or affiliate program I would like but I also get random referrals given to me even if I am slow to get some of my own. And it is only $6.97 a month! How affordable is that?

You get a $12 bonus once you have signed up for all 6 traffic exchanges and do your first surf of 555 pages(which believe it or not is not that hard to do), and this on it’s own will pay for your first month!

They also guarantee that every month you will earn $1 a day at the very minimum just by surfing these sites. So, if nothing else, the $30 you can earn will pay for your upgrade in at least one or 2 of the programs if you choose to buy in and give yourself the opportunity to earn even more.

Eventually as you build up your referrals and cash, you just upgrade to one more program at a time until you are all in and can reach your maximum potential for income(which depending on how many hours you want to spend, this could mean thousands of dollars a month and a main source of income for you)

While I know on this site we mainly talk about quick ways to make money from home without having to spend a lot of time or cash, but this is one platform that is truly “a business in a box” and if you like to play games, surf and have fun while building up some income, this could be a main gig for you.

Not everyone has the ability or desire to write for pay, fill out surveys, create their own products, sell products on ebay, or many of the other opportunities I share here on this site. This kind of opportunity is something that with a little bit of time and effort, could see you a return that really helps your family.

I have tried out so many programs and work from home jobs since starting out in 2006 and this opportunity is definitely a game changer for those looking to make money and find referrals in the money making industry.

Many places require you to put out ads in classified sites, social media groups, make videos for youtube, write a blog, and any of the other free traffic sources out there to try to make money. But the one nice thing about traffic exchanges is that the smallest network within this group is already 40k people!! That means, you don’t have to hunt down your target market. Everyone who ends up on the traffic exchange is looking for traffic and ways to make money from home.

Like in all things related to making money and/or building a home based business, it takes time, consistency and determination to succeed. In other words WORK! Nothing is for free.

But, it all comes down to this. Do you want to work for someone else and let them make all the big bucks while you just get a set pay or do you want to take your own financial future in your hands and find something you enjoy and just keep doing it until you get to where you would like to be.

So, why not join me now? Check out all the videos. Sign up for free if you would like first and put in some work and then upgrade later if you like it. But don’t give up after only a couple weeks thinking it isn’t working. You need to give most things 3-6 months at least.

If you do need immediate pay, or you are just looking for a work from home job as a contractor for a company who hires home workers, that is fine too. You do what is right for you and your family.

I just wanted to share this with you and those of you who would like to give this a go, than great! I would love to have you on my team!

If you are unsure of how to set up a traffic exchange account, watch the video below. It is one I created to help you along.I have a couple more on my youtube account that may help you as well.

Well this is a lot to take in so I think I will let you go today. Thanks for staying with me and checking into this opportunity to grow your income.

Just click my link here: Cash Surfing Network to sign up and get going. It does take a little bit of time in the beginning signing up and adding your affiliate links but after that it’s done and you can get moving on to the fun stuff of making money from home!