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How to Join Facebook Groups and Turn Off Notifications Video

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One of the jobs you may find yourself doing for your clients is Social Media Management. This often includes joining Facebook groups and posting ads or comments on their behalf. Depending on the niche your client is in, this could be a way to grow an email list by offering a free report or product.

When I first started out helping other VAs get online and running their business, I used to spend hours posting to work at home and home business groups on Facebook. I spent hours crafting my ads, created a free report to offer along with some useful software to get them to sign up to my list(who knows, that may be how you got to be here in the first place!). And then I spent even more hours posting the ads and link to groups. Three hours in the morning (between 7am-10am seem to be the most fruitful), and then 2 hours around supper and then finally 2 hours before bed (9pm-11pm).

Facebook groups can be a great marketing platform that is free and easy to use if you learn how to market with it properly. When I first got started, I didn’t really know the difference between a “closed” group and an “open” group when it came to posting on the Timeline and whether or not it would show up and annoy all my friends. Well….it did! It also annoyed me because I did not know how to turn off notifications and was constantly receiving emails from every group I posted to. I had to fix that real quick! So, I came up with this video to show you the steps you need to take to turn off these notifications and get on with just having to read your important emails.

Facebook is always updating and changing their settings. I swear sometimes they do it just to annoy us. Have you had any issues when you have tried to follow the steps? I encourage any comments or suggestions below.

Have fun promoting your business!


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