The Importance of Listening to Motivational Audios

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tony-robbins-massive-action1When you are trying to build and run your own online business there will be days that you just don’t want to get out of bed. No matter what niche or field you have decided to work in, there will always be bad days.

That is just the truth. It takes consistent effort and focus to run a successful life and business. So, you need to get help whenever you can. One thing I find that has really made a difference for me when running the every day to day things in business especially when they are not going the way I would like is: to listen to motivational audio or videos.

So who do I listen to? I know there are many motivational speakers out there who are good but the ones that really “kick my butt” and keep me going are Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and Nick Vujicic. They each appeal to a separate section of my soul and depending on how I am feeling and what kind of lift I need, each one of them can motivate me back to where I need to be.

Jim is awesome for business and strength of mind. He once was poor and then became rich, and then lost it all and had to climb back up to wealthy once again. Along the way, he learned many things about life, love and business and the way he shares them with the world, I just have to keep listening. Here is a short video that he has(many of his are like 2-10 hours long!) that I think might help you out.

Tony Robbins is so great for motivating on life and the way you think or feel. He too talks business but his message is more about how to reach inside yourself and find the strength or knowledge to do what you want to do. Here is a short video of his that I love as well. Enjoy!

And finally, I wanted to share one other person who I make a must of listening to whenever I am feeling a self loathing or pity party coming over myself. This man is one of the most AMAZING people I have ever come across and just watching and listening to what he does and how he feels, helps me to remember that the world is much bigger and more important than just little ole me.

Once I have spent some time listening to these men or other motivational speakers, I find that work is better, business picks up, and the things that were bothering me so much before that I could barely focus, are almost all but gone! This is why it is a good practice to get into. Watching or listening to motivational talks can help you to not only have a better life and relationship with those in your life but they can also help you become a better boss/leader and business owner.

So go on, just do one little thing that will make a difference in someone else’s day today! The rewards will be more than you could ever imagine!

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