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Re-focusing and the Importance of Valuing Your Worth

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Having come to the decision that I will get back into the offline world, I am faced with new challenges and prospects. While I have been a work at home mom doing a little ghostwriting, affiliate marketing and being a virtual assistant, I have been pretty comfortable in my own space. When I have looked for clients, I have known my strengths and weaknesses and been able to properly sell myself on those attributes.

Now, entering into the workforce again where the reality of all of my competition is much more in my face, and the knowledge that I haven’t worked as an employee for anyone is all too real, I am feeling things that I haven’t had to contemplate in a very long time. This is giving me a complex and making me feel way more incompetent than I know I really should be feeling. But the fact remains, that as common as the work at home concept is becoming today, many companies in the offline world just do not know how to give you credit for what you may have been able to achieve on your own while you were home.

Since I have never been one to toot my own horn, I am feeling more self conscious than I know I need to be. I should be feeling more confident. I should be feeling that I can do anything and be able to walk into these interviews like I AM the BEST one for the job because I have the skills. Instead, I am feeling like , technically all they see is the fact that I haven’t “really” worked for the last seven years and I am behind the times and may not be in tune with what is happening in the “real” world.

The reality is that in the time that I have been at home I have:

  • trained myself how to use over 10 up to date software programs that would probably cost me over $5000 to learn in the “real” world
  • I have learned how to market to my proper niche and gain new clients and customers
  • I have learned how to budget and keep accurate book keeping records
  • excel at time management skills
  • prioritize
  • research anything and everything I need to find
  • write compelling reports
  • make awesome powerpoint presentations and videos for youtube
  • and so much more!!!!

So….WHY then do I feel like entering the workforce is one of the scariest things I have had to face in years? I am ready for this. I know I am. But perhaps working from home has stifled my social abilities and has somehow made me feel like I am not up to par?

Maybe you enjoy working from home. I know I did for years while my children where young and at home and needed me, but now that they are both going to be in school, I feel that my personal journey needs to extend to the working world once again. I have suffered from being alone and working without any other team mates or bosses, and while it worked when I needed it to, I know I want to have more social interaction.

Where are you at now? Do you know how to maintain focus and self importance and keep on the path doing what you love to do while still making enough money to help your family pay the bills?

I would love to hear your thoughts on all of this, especially if you have been struggling with the idea of going back to work or finding an solid online job working from home.



3 thoughts on “Re-focusing and the Importance of Valuing Your Worth

  1. Tonya

    I understand your dilimma. I currently an a stay at home mom…not by choice but I am loving it to a certain degree. I don’t have the everyday stresses of working for evil people in the office that are nothing but haters quite frankly. I want to work from home but are faced with turn down’s or no return calls or inquiry’s from applications I have put out there. I signed up for which is an awsome site for those stay at home positions but no luck thus far. I myself have jumped into the affiliate marketing thing. I am almost thinking about gost writing myself. Anyway, I just wanted to make a comment.

    1. Mama Mel

      Tonya, the only time I was successful in really making money online I was either ghostwriting, doing va services, or doing transcription. Americans have more options when it comes to transcription companies hiring than Canadians or other countries. Hopefully that will change in the future. I believe I have a post about transcription companies you could apply for if you want to just type in “transcription” into the search bar on my site. Otherwise, feel free to contact me if you could use some more help or have more questions.

      thanks for commenting and good luck with your searching!

      Melanie(aka Mama Mel)

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