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Successful Work from Home Tips for Summer

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For many of us, summer means that we cannot work as many hours as we are used to during the school year. So, how do we make the best of it? In this post I would like to share some ideas for how we can still make money and spend time with our kids without stressing out or feeling like we aren’t capable of doing it all.

One of the best jobs you can do that can be worked around the day is writing. If you blog, or write for residual income for web 2.0 sites and make affiliate income, you can write when the kids are in bed or early in the morning when the kids are watching their favorite cartoons, or even for an hour or two in the afternoon while the kids go play in the backyard. Even if you write for clients or a content mill, you are usually allowed a couple days turn around time to complete your assignment. If you do find out that instead of 10 articles a day, you can only manage to get in 5, you are still being productive. You may just try to make it up at night or if the children go for a sleepover.

But not everyone is a writer. What about those who do phone work and need the quiet? I am not sure of all of the companies who hire but when I worked for Pizza Pizza as an order taker a few years ago, I just made sure I scheduled hours after bedtime and worked the weekends when the boys where at their dads(for those who are not divorced, perhaps your husband can take your kids out during the weekend and you can still get some hours in). It can be done with some creative re-structuring and proper time management.

This also works for telemarketing or appointment setting jobs. You may just need to schedule around everyone else. The good thing about these types of jobs is most times they require evening and weekend hours anyways unless you are working business to business calls.

A lot of work at home moms use the summer to find little eggs that will add up to a worthwhile income but can be done in small spurts of time throughout the day. This could include gigs from places like,, treasure,,, or even the survey sites that are popular. Keeping tabs on overflow work or sub contracting gigs through forums like is also a good way to land jobs without having to spend hours searching every day.

The important thing to remember as well when you are faced with less work time during the summer is that even if you don’t make as much as you are used to, you may still find that it is worth your while because you are also able to save on things like day care. If you set aside time to play with your children at certain times throughout the day, more often than not, they will leave you alone to work for a few hours when you need it(at least mine do at ages 4 and 6)

If you utilize every minute you have for working instead of browsing the internet, emailing, talking on facebook or whatever you find yourself doing too often throughout the day, you will be able to still be productive and make your income earned count.

Well, I would love to hear from you other mothers about how you cope with working and looking after the children throughout the summer. Feel free to leave a comment below!

I am working on creating a story coloring book titled “Color Me a Story” I hope to have it done soon and will let you know where you can get it. I will be producing it on cd so you can print off as many copies as you find you need. Also, I aim to throw in some popular audio songs all children love and perhaps even audio versions of my stories for those who would like to listen to it as they color their pages.

Creating your own products such as these is also another way you too can make money while you are watching your children. If you are a poet, putting your poetry on things like throw pillow or even embroidered wall hangings is another idea for bringing in some cash. Etsy is a great place to sell crafts and home-made items and many of these things can be created even while watching tv or sitting on the couch while the kids play at your feet.

There are many ways you can be a successful work at home mom and still find the time you need to do some chores, make meals and tend to your children. Time management, creativity and some patience and it will all come together!



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