Networking-Doing What It Takes to Help Others

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networkimages Networking is a crucial part of building your business because now a days it is not about what you have to sell or even who you know but more about WHO KNOWS YOU.

This requires getting yourself out there and getting people to recognize not only your name but your face. Social media is a good way to connect with people online but going to events, volunteering and doing things in person are an even better way to network and grow your list of business contacts.

Like I said before, Networking is all about helping others and you will find in the end, when the time is right, that you too will be helped.

Many entrepreneurs when first starting out though don’t know where to go or how to get started networking. Knowing that visibility can cost a lot of money, perhaps you should try contacting special Boards of departments like perhaps the Board of Education if you would like to get volunteering in schools, cafeterias, on the PTA, or any other association that deals with children.

When you wanted to start being known it is probably best in your niche/field. For example if you are a health company then you would want to move in the circles of those in the medical field. You could find out how to participate in fundraisers or even sign up as a candy stripper and visit some patients to show some good faith.

Sometimes we don’t recognize what we have to give, and sometimes, who you know is the “what” that you have to give. Some people believe there is no real competition. That people buy “YOU” and not your product. So, regardless of who may be selling the same thing, if people trust you and like you and know you, they will turn to you when they want to buy.

You should not be tooting your own horn. By networking and getting to be known by others and doing good deeds for others, people will start to sing your praises and you will soon see how you can benefit.

What is your favorite form of networking? Post a comment below and let us know how it has been working for you.

Take care and have fun meeting new people!



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