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If you are a writer like I am, you may have been wondering how you could get your books out in print. Before self publishing options came along, we had to spend tireless hours writing up queries and sending them in to publisher after publisher waiting for an acceptance that never seemed to come. Growing weary and discouraged, you probably ended up just putting your beloved stories away in a drawer and got on with life doing what you had to do but never really wanted to do for a means to pay the bills.

Over the last few years though, authors have had many different doors open to them in the self publishing field. There are sites like Create Space, Lulu, or Blurb where you can upload your manuscript and cover and they will print on demand when someone wants to buy a book from you. I have used these methods along with adding all of my tutorials to the Amazon Kindle but I still felt like I wanted more control over the printing and a bigger share of the profit. So, recently I looked into book binding machines and how to make and sell my own books right from my own living room.

There are many different types of book binding machines and I spent days pouring over reviews, statistics, and trying to find out what machine would be affordable and easy to use for a beginner such as myself. I purchased the YourStory Book Binder and Laminator 375000 from ebay for just $53. This was a nice starter kit for myself but I found out that it was only good for certain things like photo books or short stories. My tutorials were not so great with this machine. It does come with hard covers for a few books, some laminating pouches, and enough materials for making a few books before you have to purchase more materials. It is the perfect choice for those of you who have little kids books you would like to print or even scrapbooks. But if you want to pull off a professional book that you can sell, this may not be the choice for you, as I found out.This also only allows you to print a book with a maximum of 40 pages and if you are using cardstock that turns into more like only 15-20 pages.

So, moving on, I decided to check out some more options. I was still pondering over all of the choices like the comb binder, tape binding, wire binding, staples, and the thermal(glue) binding options. Comb binding was good for doing reports and presentations and things like that for office staff,tape binding is a little tricky for the beginner I thought, wire binding was not what I thought would be suitable for my kids story books but perhaps my tutorials but I couldn’t afford to buy 2 different machines for each; and finally I decided that the thermal binding like the storybook binder would be great but I needed something more heavy duty and suitable for both my tutorials and storybooks that range in size from 24 pages to 100 with a few of the more expensive types being able to even bind up to 300 pages.

I finally decided on the Thermal Binding Machine (399955) because it was affordable and could handle up to 100 pages which is exactly what I needed.

If you would like to read more about this product or to purchase it, you can click on the link below.

Thermal Binding Machine (399955)
publisher: Papermonster, published: 2011-11-01
EAN: 4011335009619
sales rank: 31271
price: $49.95 (new)

In under three minutes you’ll have that desirable “book-look” for conventions, proposals, small reports and other small valuable documents with the New papermonster TB220 right at your own desk! Stylish, quick, clean, easy-to-use and decidedly modern.others will envy you!

While there is instructions that come with the unit for how to make your books, you may want to research more on how to market your book. I found this post useful when doing my own search and I can’t wait to get some books finished up so I can get out there and start sharing my stories!

I would love to hear your ideas and success stories for your own self publishing efforts. Leave a comment below so we can all learn more.


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