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Using Social Media to Bring in More Traffic

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Marketing your books or publishing brand through social media needn’t be confusing! This eBook is the essential Publisher’s Handbook to all social media activities that you need to know about. Social media marketing expert Liz Murray guides you through a series of social media topics by making the subject matter easy to understand, engaging and personal. You’ll learn the same methods that she has used working with well known publishing brands. Key areas covered include social media planning, websites and blogs, Facebook, Twitter, other social media marketing sites, measuring ROI and social media tools. The book is aimed at those who want to gain a low level understanding of all areas of social media rather than extensive knowledge about one area. It’s the perfect go to handbook, there when you need to refer to it.

Social media is a good way to build your brand and get known but it is not that reliable for bringing in hordes of traffic or even any sales. If you spend your time focusing primarily on this method, you could find yourself low on money or business for too long.

Social media is worth the mention though so I will spend a minute here to give you a quick tip or two.

When you are spending time on places like Twitter and Facebook, instead of jotting down things about yourself like what you had for breakfast or dinner, you should ask the question instead to your followers to see what they had. You will notice that you get a lot of responses.

Not that this is important information you can use but you see the point I am trying to make here. If you want to know just how many people are paying attention to you, you need to ask a question. This could be a great way to get some free market research if you are thinking about creating a new product or write a book.

People love to talk about themselves. If you just talk about yourself or your interests, hardly anyone will show interest and respond but if you ask a question, you will receive a lot of response.

Social media should perhaps fall under the networking category in this report more than the advertising section but I thought I would add it here as I will be talking about networking next.

What methods do you use successfully for bringing in traffic from social media?

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