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This is a free method that is just starting to become popular. While you don’t sell in the video itself, your job is to get their attention and get them curious enough to click on a link to your site where you will have the sales page and closing comments to get them buying.

If you love to make videos, you can create information videos to build your brand and awareness and get your name out there. The more people get to recognize your name and face, they will begin to trust you and will then sign up for your email list, buy something from you or order some services from you.

This is one of the free methods of advertising that seems to work. Posting ads in free classifieds, free ezines and other places that allow you to post your advertisements do not generate much traffic or sales.

You can make a video on most computers with the built in cameras or if you have a web cam you can create a video and then do editing in a free program such as Microsoft Movie Maker. This too, is usually included on all computers (except MACs).

You can then upload your video to Youtube and about a dozen other popular video sharing sites that receive a lot of traffic.

Feel free to share with us any successes you have had with video marketing and the best places you find to upload your videos to.

Also come back next time while we discuss “Free Traffic Advertising Methodsand how you can save both time and money on your marketing methods.

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