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How people view you is extremely important when it comes to business. Branding is not what you THINK but what others think about YOU.

It is very crucial to start building your brand and presence right from the get go because it is a lot harder to change your brand once it has been established than in the beginning.

This is where first impressions play an important role as well. Normally you have 3-10 seconds when someone first meets you before an opinion is formed. What you do and project in that short time frame sets the pace for how you will be perceived from then on. Rarely do people get a second chance to make a better impression.

If you do your best to become an expert in your field, than when you are working on branding your image and name, people will get to know you as a person who knows what they are talking about.

One of the best ways to brand yourself is to write a book and publish it. With all of the new technology available today, you can write your own book or hire a ghostwriter and self-publish through platforms like Create Space, Lulu and Amazon Kindle.

Personal branding is the #1 benefit of Internet Marketing and is very important. Remember that branding is the impression you leave on people, whether positive or negative. It is up to you what impression you want to make. All this said, you should not try to become someone you are not. If you do not wear suits or makeup, then don’t try to change your image. You will want to be reaching out to those who are in your market. If you are a stay at home mom who coaches other moms on how to juggle both an at home job/career and your kids, then, you need to look like you are. In most cases, that means hair barely brushed, perhaps baby spit up on your shirt, comfortable clothes and not a pant suit or dress, and certainly not 4 inch heels.

Trust is also a big factor. If people think you are all fake smiles and empty promises, than they will not stick around to hear your message, try your product or buy a coaching package from you regardless of how good your deal or discount may be.

Realism shines through in all that you do and are. Be yourself and be the best you can be and people will feel your enthusiasm and you will grow your business and your brand the more you go along.

I will cover a few more things on Branding in other chapters. For now though, I just want to stress the importance of making a great first impression and building up a positive visibility to all who could be your target market or who could help you when networking.

Next week we will cover “Advertising-Finding the Best Marketing Practices” so be sure to stay tuned and come see how you can help grow your business.

I would love to hear what your experience and ideas are for building your brand. Please leave a comment below!

The following is a good reference for learning more about Branding and how to become known in your field.

Brand Against the Machine: How to Build Your Brand, Cut Through the Marketing Noise, and Stand Out from the Competition
by: John Morgan
publisher: Wiley, published: 2011-11-22
ASIN: 1118103521
EAN: 9781118103524
sales rank: 26263
price: $13.16 (new), $13.16 (used)

The machine blasts messages at the world and it does not care who you are or what you have to say or whether its message is relevant to you at all. The machine is a moron. You, however, are not. Which is why your brand needs to rage against the traditional forces of advertising. You must engage your audience and win their business by giving more and selling less. Yours must be a Brand Against the Machine.

Brand Against the Machine offers proven and actionable steps for companies and entrepreneurs to increase their visibility and credibility, and create an indispensable brand that consumers can relate to, creating lifelong customers. Discover the aspirational currency that makes your brand one that people want to be or want to be friends with. Learn how to be real with your audience and make strategic associations to establish credibility. Brand Against the Machine will help you stand out, get noticed, and be remembered.

Brand Against the Machine offers a blueprint for your brand framework, with step-by-step guidance, including:

  • Know who your target audience is and what they want
  • Define your position as the go-to authority in your industry
  • Determine your audience’s problem and create a solution for them
  • Produce valuable content that attracts your audience and engages them
  • Promote yourself without pestering people
  • Over-deliver on your promise

The machine is a rusted piece of junk in the marketplace. Ditch traditional corporate branding and marketing, and exchange it for something memorable. Your customers will thank you for it.

Do you have any special techniques that have served you well in helping you brand yourself or your business? Please share them in the comment section below.

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