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The Biggest Problems in Business

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One of the biggest problems in business is our perception of what our clients or customers need and want. Most times it is more what we want that we are assuming they too want. Other times, we want to give our customers everything. Unless you are a Walmart or Safeway, you cannot possibly compete. This is not where the money is for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

So then, where is the money for entrepreneurs? It is in the selling of solutions. What this means is that if you find a problem and can figure out how to solve it in a way that you think others would benefit from(usually things that cut down on time, save on money, etc.) than this would more than likely be a good product or service to offer.

It is said that Life is really about how to influence the world in a greater way before you end up in a pine box. While some people may find this a morbid thought, it is all too true.

But let’s start at the beginning shall we? Perhaps you have some ideas but even though you have had them for several years, you have never acted on them. Do you know why? It is a belief of many who are successful that you need to be of one common ground. This means that your mind and body both need to be on the same page. If you have doubts and little voices talking from your sub conscious telling you that you are not worthy or your ideas are stupid, even if you think on the conscious level that you are ready to go and doing all you can, you will find you are still hitting road blocks with no success.

So, how do you ensure that you are in sync and ready for success? You need to believe fully in everything you do. You need to persevere and do what it takes no matter how uncomfortable you feel or afraid you may be. For many, public speaking is a huge barrier. I myself, prefer to talk through a pen or a keyboard. My thoughts easily flow through my fingertips but find themselves squeezed when trying to work their way out from my diaphragm.

But I also know that in order to take the next step towards success and building my business, I need to network more and learn to become a better public speaker. There are associations like “Toastmaster”(in Canada) where you can join and gain opportunity to speak at events and join in volunteer work where you have to become more involved with other people.

And while it may be extremely terrifying for some, if you stand your ground, you will find that the fear is nothing and it was all in your head. When you realize that you can do that “something”, you are filled with a liberated feeling that allows you to move forward and gain momentum and strength for both physical and business growth. You need to start living your life as if you have already reached your goals. What you think and do will become your reality.

This in turn will open the door to your creativity and you will find ideas flowing in for new products, reports, software, ways to expand your existing business, and more.

Here is a formula that I found insightful.

E + R = O

Event + Response equals Outcome.

Successful people take 100% ownership for their success and they don’t blame their mishaps or failures on others. They just look at them as a means to learn and grow and try something new.

You also need to learn how to ask for help. You cannot do everything yourself. No one can. Successful people always have a team or a few good men that they can rely on to help them reach their goals. It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help, it is a sign of weakness to think that you can do it all yourself.

One of the speakers at the last seminar I attended was a weightloss coach. He specialized in helping others to overcome their weight issues and deal with life in general. While he was talking, I realized that the strategy and steps he used in his practice were actually great steps to follow for finding success in business.

  1. Improved Awareness of Self
  2. Skill building, increased knowledge
  3. Encouragement
  4. Analysis of Issues
  5. Expansion of Choices Available
  6. Strengthen Accountability
  7. Taking action
  8. Addressing other Life Issues

If you have a healthy balanced diet, a regular exercise routine, proper sleep and a means to deal with any emotional issues that may come up, you will also find that your head is clear and you can function in a much more efficient manner. This is an important key to success for the long term.

So what do you do each day to ensure that you are on the right path and maintaining the life you so desire to live? I would love to hear your comments down below! Let’s give some motivation and encouragement to the other readers shall we?!

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