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Introduction-Basic Business Principles

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  Whether you have decided to go into an offline business venture or an online one, many of the same rules apply. If you have a solid business plan, a goal in mind you are ready to get started. In this chapter we will talk about some of the basic business principles that we encounter as we go about our day to day activities and what we can do to move forward.

I have been in the internet marketing world for a little over six years. Within that time, I have made the most of my income from building up a steady stream of satisfied clients who hire me to help them perform business tasks they need done or to write content that will either provide them with a product to sell or traffic coming to their website.

While I do a lot of research and teach myself new programs and software that are available and popular today so that I will be able to offer these services to my clients, one other activity that I find really helps to build my business in the offline world is to go to seminars and events being shared with other professionals.

Some of the information I will share with you in this report is based on the knowledge that I have taken away from these events. You never know the wealth of information you will learn or the people you will be able network with. While these are also marketing tools for selling products from each speaker/presenter, you are not obligated to purchase anything when you go. Many successful entrepreneurs can find themselves making several thousand dollars an event depending on the location and size.

This is not something one would want to get into perhaps when they are first starting out but once they have learned how to network, build up a presence both online and off, and gained some experience, learning how to host your own events can be the big ticket money maker that you need to take your business to the next level.

Stay tuned for our next chapter on The Biggest Problems in Business

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