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Submitting Articles to Ad Share Sites-Is It Worth It?

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I would like to talk to you today about a few of the concerns that some people have regarding posting articles to ad share and pay per view sites. Some people think it is a waste of time, while others love it and wouldn’t think of doing anything else.

There are many sites out there today that are offering either 50-80% of ad share revenues with you for your content, or paying per 1000 views. I will discuss a few of the sites, how they work and then debate whether or not they are worth the effort.

For those who are just starting out in the writing world, you may not know where you can get a job. Or perhaps you work for somewhere like Bright Hub, or another content mill that pays you upfront fees and you just want to get your name out on your writing as much as possible. These types of sites are excellent for that. There is a ton of traffic driven to the sites every day by the owners. If you have properly optimized your writing with keywords, chances are it will have a good chance of showing up in the search engines to be found.

If you are not a technical person or have no desire to have your own blog or website, these sites provide a home for your articles without paying a hosting cost or annual domain name fee. You do not have to try to fiddle with any html to get your adsense codes just right or any of that other techie stuff. You simply enter your article, keywords, short description and picture(optional) into the form and click to submit. A few hours later, your article is approved and up online.

I am going to give some examples here so you can understand the different systems that are available.

Triond- This is a relatively new site for me as I only started here in the third week of October. But, I like it. The community is active, I get new fans befriend me every day, and there are lots of comments left on my writing. This is the best site to submit poetry and short stories to as many of the other sites do not have that category.

I am not sure how it works for getting paid per view, but they track your views and every so often you get pennies added to the count. I think it is more based on what eywords in the articles get clicks from the ads, although it does not register as adsense revenue on your account. After you have submitted 5 articles, you can also place your own adsense code into the site form and have the ability to earn extra on your own adsense ads. I have not figured out how to put the extra ads on though(will research more and get back to you in another post).

They have a great tracking system so you can see where people are coming from after you have done your bookmarking and marketing.

At first it only looks like you are getting pennies for your work. This is why some people do not feel that it is worth the effort. I have 33 poems, and 3 short stories on there now that I have submitted since I joined Oct. 22nd.

My earnings to date? .30
(I can hear you now. What? for all of that work? Pleaaaase!)

But this is the way it goes. You need to submit an article a day, and the more articles you have, the more links you will generate and the more views will start to come in. Your pennies will turn into dollars and soon enough you will feel like you are making enough money to make it worth your time.

By using these sites, you also get to express your creative side, find friends from around the world, drive people to your main website if you want through your profile, and also get to make some extra money that accumulates every month on it’s own without you having to do anything more with each article.

Many people will spend hours, weeks and months posting to their own blog in the hopes that they will make affiliate money from links or Adsense ads on their site. But all of the marketing is left up to you. You could go months and even years with only seeing a few dolllars here and there. With posting to these ad share sites, you have the help of the main site driving traffic in, and all of your friends commenting and recommending your articles to others. This leaves you with only a minimal amount of marketing to do yourself.

Bukisa This site is great because it allows you to put up articles and such that you have posted somewhere else like Triond first. You do not make money from a share of the revenue but through pay per view. For every 1000 views you get you earn $3.77. Payout is at $10.

I have been on this site since Sept. 02 and have 77 articles on here. Some of my articles are not optimized, and others are not on topics that anyone wants to read so I only have maybe 30 so far that are getting any real views. I have made $1.35 so far so have not been able to cash out yet, but know that it is coming along ok because I used to make like a penny a day and now make up to .10 a day.

Still, I know, you are all thinking, how can you turn this into a living? Taking the time to write for barely anything takes time away from making real money. First off, I did not say this was a way to make a living. While there are some people I have talked to that make $1000 or more a month from this source, it has taken 3 years and several hundred articles for them to do so. It is a work in progress and a real way to build up a residual income for only about an hours worth of work in your day. That still leaves you with plenty of hours to write articles for upfront pay.

Once I have submitted my article for the day to both those sites, I do my social bookmarking. I will write another detailed post on that system and how you can even make additional income from that.

The key to making money from home with your writing is to find as many little ways as you can to make money doing what you may normally do anyways. I have found some of those resources and will share them with you. The more eggs you have in your basket, the more money you will be able to generate each month with less work each time.

Ok. this turned into a long post so I will end things here and carry on with some other thoughts for you at a later date. I have a ton of things to share so I hope you stick with me and keep coming back to learn more.

Try the methods out I have laid out above, give it a year and then if you are not making at least $200 extra each month, you can decide to call it quits. But you will never know how well you can do unless you try. Personally I find it motivating and encouraging to log into my accounts every day and see how many people are looking at my articles. This also provides you a way to find out what topics are more popular so you can write on those things instead of the stuff no one wants to read. Remember to optimize with keywords and you should do fine.


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