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It has been awhile since I posted on here and I realize that. But I needed to take some time off and re-evaluate my life and where I am at in all of it. I have been running my virtual assistance business and doing some ghostwriting as well.

When the last Google change happened and all of those sites got penalized with content mills getting dropped, a third of my income disappeared. I am a member of the wahm forum for years now and upon talking to most of them, I realized that there were quite a few moms affected. When you are working from home doing online ventures, you need to learn how to have a few streams of income coming in from various sources otherwise you could find yourself unable to pay rent or put food on the table any time Google decides to change the game rules.

The great thing about working online is the variety of ways you can make money. You can blog and promote affiliate products, you can write for people or company websites, you can try offers and complete surveys from numerous sites, you can join places like or and other related sites where you can post service offers clients can purchase from you for $10-$20. This is a great method of making money because these sites are free to join and post to, you do not need to have a domain and hosting(although it is good to have your own blog still even if it is is only a free blogger blog), and you can see what other people are offering and for how much.

Elance and odesk and the other freelance marketing sites are still good to go to when looking for work too but the competition there is a little different and you usually end up working for less than you may want to. For many of these types of sites as well, you also have to pay a membership price every month to be able to apply for the jobs.

If you would just like to apply for customer service jobs to work virtually or telecommute for companies than participating in sites like the and reading all the threads, you may be open to new jobs that you never knew were available.

Now a days with social media being such a great way to connect with people and find jobs, keeping up with the trends, learning new things and spending time each day to grow your business and skills are the main things you need to spend time doing each day. In this way you will be able to find jobs and secure them as you can and staying on top of things so that all your eggs are not in just one basket.

Well, I thank you for spending some time with me again after all this time. I do plan on being on here every week again as I used to be. I hope you will come back and join me as well. I would love to hear how you all have been and how you fared for income during this last recession and with all the Google changes.

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