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We all know that in order to build our business we need to keep up a solid marketing plan. We need to diversify our efforts, keep track of what works and most of all, make proper use of our time management before we begin. If we can carve out at least an hour a day to do this, we should see our business grow a little more each month.

There are many ways we can spend our hour productively. We can stick with the old stand by of article marketing although some may say that it has become less effective over time or we can go full blast with the social aspect of things and talk to everyone, network every where you go both online and off and just let everyone you meet know about how you can help them if they have their own business as well.

MLM companies and direct marketing companies do have the understanding of what it takes to be successful. You need to practice the power of 3 every day. That is get out there and meet and talk to 3 new people a day. Give them a freebie, share a presentation of the benefits of your products or services, or merely just let them have a coupon and a business card for when needed. You will never know how many people you can reach unless you actively go out there and do it.

Time management is something we all strive to control in our busy lives but marketing your business does not have to seem like an after thought or something you do when you have no work and need some. You should be practicing an hour a day of ACTIVE marketing with various online and offline methods and being proud of what you accomplish and are building. If you find you are too busy to market, then hire your son, daughter, cousin, niece or neighbor to do something for you. I know my children would love an opportunity to make some money and since they have busy lives too, an hour a day is just perfect for them. A quick $20 a day is both affordable for you and good money to help them out.

So, remember that even though we are pretty busy in both our professional and personal lives, we can find success with proper time management, finding help when we need to, and being creative. Always taking one step forward puts you further ahead than you were yesterday. Even if they are baby steps some days, as long as you don’t give up and sit down on a rock or build a tent to camp out in for an extended period of time, you will be moving forward and if during that time you can reach small little goals you set for yourself, there is no reason to think you will not find bigger successes around each and every corner.

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