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Tips to Organize All That PLR Content

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Let me ask you a quick question: Do you have any Private Label Rights (PLR) content just sitting on your computer, taking up storage space? Well, if you are like me, or most other Internet marketers, you probably have a ton of the stuff that you are not doing anything with.

If you’ve been working online for any amount of time, you’ve probably purchased private label rights content at some point or another. PLR is a great tool that helps website owners add quality content to their websites without having to hire a ghostwriter to write it all for them or spend countless hours writing all of their content from scratch.

If you’ve purchased your fair share of PLR and find that it’s taking up tons of space on your computer’s hard drive and you’re having a hard time determining what content you’ve used and where and which articles you still have available for use, you’ll be happy to know, you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon to becoming disorganized with your PLR, until now that is.

Here’s one way you can organize your PLR content so that you know what’s been used and what is still waiting to find it’s way to the spotlight of your website or newsletter.

First, organize all your PLR by either niche or website. If you own more than one website it might be best to use the later organization method. Move all the articles that you want to use on that website into the site’s folder. Within your website folder create two folders. The first labeled “Rewritten – Ready for Posting to site” and the second, “Used.”

By creating two separate folders you can move the articles to the “Rewritten” folder once you’ve reworked them and they are ready to be added to your blog or website. After you have added them to your site, simply cut and paste the article to the “Used” folder.

And don’t forget there are tons of ways to use the same article over and over. If you’re looking for PLR eCourses that you can use to teach others about the many uses of PLR, have a look at this: PLR eCourses

4 thoughts on “Tips to Organize All That PLR Content

  1. David John

    Very valuable and informative tips about PLR Content, this is good for every one, best resource i like it very much, thanks for the sharing.

  2. Ron@Private Label Rights

    Some great tips Melanie! I know my own personal plr “stash” can get quite cluttered and dis-organized.

    I have many done folders as well, so I know what I’ve already used. Easy to forget over time.

    I like the idea of organizing it by niche, good idea 🙂

    1. Melanie

      It is something that really needs to be kept on. I could fill up a usb flash drive with all of mine. Guess we just have to find ways to use it all now, eh?

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