Using Automated Backlink Building Systems

The more people get on the internet, the harder it seems to be to get ranking for anything these days. Making sure you have the right SEO system in place for building backlinks is a full time job. To keep up with all of the elements and get ranking often requires outsourcing or using automated back link building systems. While there are many who don’t believe they work, there are still the other half who argue that they would be lost without them.

So, today I would like to introduce you to a few systems that I use. These 2 systems have both a free and a paid service depending on what you needs are. If you are tight for cash, you can just start off for free and see how it goes. When you start to see how they help along the way, you will probably want to upgrade as most of us do.


This helps with submitting to social bookmark sites. While you can do this manually, creating all the accounts and submitting to them each time you create a new post or hubpage, squidoo lens or article for the article directories, can be time consuming. While I do this service for many of my clients, this tool is a definite plus for saving on time so you can concentrate on other elements of your own SEO campaigns.

With a free account you can submit up to 10 urls a day and it will be submitted to 15 social bookmark sites (paid upgraded level sends out to 27 sites) that they have in their system. How they set it up by default is that one url will go out a day to these sites unless you change the frequency. This keeps it looking natural for the search engines. So, what this means is, if you were to post 10 urls a day, you would always have a stream of links going out to these social sites because they would be all on a schedule.

It is a simple system to use. You merely enter information into the allotted areas and then click to submit. You will not get a record though of where they are being submitted to so may want to set up your own tracking system. I am still working on that process. While I do notice the difference in my traffic through Google Analytics, I would like to set things up so I can track more than that and see what sites are actually doing the best job for me.

When you log in to IMAUTOMATOR, you will see a link for where you can start your submission.

Once you click the button to submit new url you will come to the info page.

This is where I find the real help comes through. If you have spent any amount of time submitting manually to other bookmark sites, you will know how long it can take to put in the keywords and description on each site. Now, even if you are just using copy and paste, it can still be a pain. With this tool, you enter the info once and it is transmitted to every site when the link is submitted. No muss, no fuss.You do not even have to extract a title, description and tags from your site, by clicking on the button provided, that can be done for you.

I use this service for submitting all of my web 2.0 posts that have links back to my main site. I find it is worth the time put in and an excellent choice in tools for furthering my back link building.

Social Monkee

This is the social bookmark site I use for my main website posts. The free version allows you to post one url link a day and have it submitted to 25 sites. If you want to upgrade to the paid version, you get to submit 3 links to 100 sites every day which can indeed greatly increase your numbers for back links(300 back links a day!). In the paid plan you also receive link reports and RSS feeds so you can submit those to directories for faster indexing and better rankings. Pretty good for $47 a year. You can also just pay a one time fee of $3.97 each time if you would like to submit one url and still have it go to the 100 sites with a copy of the link report and RSS feed.

After you sign up and are ready to submit your url(s), you may find yourself a little confused with the submission form. If you are not familiar with how to spin articles or put extra variables into the form so the system can create unique content, you need to click on the link at the top right to go to the older more simpler form.

You will see sections where you will need to still write in variations for your title, tags and description. There is more writing for this form but it is easier to follow for those who are not familiar with the other format. To make things easier, just take your original description you were going to use and change some of the words. Google sees things as original if you change things up every second or third word. If not possible, try to re-write what you have written in a different way that will still express the same message.

If you are unsure of synonyms, you can useĀ I find this site very useful. While you can purchase spinning software, it is much easier to do 150 word description by hand.

When you have completed the form and submitted it, it should be put into rotation for submission to those sites. You will then have to wait and track your stats or decide to invest the money so you can have a report sent to you.

This may seem like a little bit of work, but you will want to vary your submission data so that Google will accept it all and make it count. The more you do this, the easier it will become and soon you will just be flying through it all. When you start to see the results, your traffic rising, and your keywords climbing up those Google page slots, you will know that it was all time worth spending.

So, I hope you enjoyed what I shared with you today. Remember that if you are too busy, or just not a techie and have no interest in this type of thing, I do offer social media services as part of my VA services and you can order any time.




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  1. Thanks for the detailed steps and screenshots, although I was still feeling a little lost and overwhelmed with that second application. I’m glad you offer your service for non-techies like me.

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