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Virtual Assistants: What is PLR and How Can it Help you to Get More Clients?

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earn-money-online2Here’s a question that I received today. I thought it was such a valuable question that I wanted to share my response.

Dear Nicole,

I hear you talking about PLR articles, but I’m a Virtual Assistant, not an Internet Marketer. I need clients, not content.

Why should I care?

Dear Virtual Assistant:

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to respond to your great question.

PLR content can actually help you to get more clients. And, I’ll explain how.

As someone who hires and works with a lot of Virtual Assistants in my business, I’ll tell you that I hire oftentimes based upon the knowledge that person shows just as much as what they “say” they can do.

For instance, let’s compare two Virtual Assistants (hypothetically – these aren’t real people).

Susie and Tessa.

I go to Susie’s website and she’s got three pages – including contact, services, and pricing. I look around a little and discover that Susie specializes in videos and multimedia. I think “hmmm… interesting” and then leave.

Next, I find Tessa’s website. She’s got the same pages on her website as Susie – contact, services, and pricing. It looks to me as if she also specializes in videos and multimedia. That’s not what I’m looking for, so I’m about to leave when I notice that she has a blog. On her blog, she’s got articles about how I can use video in my business and how to also use video to get more traffic and make more money. I’m interested. She obviously knows her stuff. I contact her to find out how she can help me to get more traffic with my existing videos – and to brainstorm more videos that I can incorporate into my business on an ongoing basis.

Tessa got my business. Susie did not.

Why? Because Tessa did some things right.

She showed her knowledge.
She demonstrated that she understands marketing by having a blog.
She made me think about my business.
She seemed like a person who I’d like to work with.

How does this apply to PLR content? Easy.

Susie could have had my business if she had purchased some great quality PLR content and published it on her blog. Of course, as always, I would recommend that Susie use the content as a starting point only and then add her own ideas and examples into it to make it uniquely hers. But, the important thing is that she could have had an active blog offering great value to potential new customers that showcased her talent and made people desperate to hire her.

And, she could have done it for under $20.

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7 thoughts on “Virtual Assistants: What is PLR and How Can it Help you to Get More Clients?

  1. Laurie@PLR Content

    This is a great post, Nicole. I had not personally thought before of how VA’s can benefit from using PLR, but this illustrates it wonderfully.

    I like the point about Tessa understanding marketing by having a blog. That is so true – when working with a VA, you want them to have some basic marketing knowledge. Plus, by her having a blog, it helps you to get to know her a little more – her personality can shine through her blog posts.

    Thanks for sharing:-)

  2. Ninja

    This is a very good article to about PLR, I thought this is useful only for a very hand full technical persons but even a Blog owner can utilize this very skilfully. I Appreciate the effort in giving this message.

  3. Margie

    Hi Nicole as i have read your article it seems that PLR is such a great help for internet marketers, Thanks for posting Nicole these is such a good blog.

  4. Leonor Miller

    Hey I Agree with Ninja, I know things will work as per the advised PLR in the marketing field. but now something which is use full for every one is like having a a splendid scope for improvement and also to learn about the PLR is really good.

  5. Lola T

    Yeap, I do agree with miller about how it is important to have a PLR to maintain the virtual database of customised PLR in marketing field. Cause this PLR is something very niche in marketing field. Having PLR is always a optimistic investment in marketing business.

  6. Stephan Hilson

    This is interesting article on plr and how could it benefit from getting more clients. I have seen free plr too in other sites but I didn’t pay attention to it. It is because I didn’t know how could I use these stuffs. Maybe I should try to read about plr and try being virtual assistant in the near future.

  7. Traci Bell

    You have made some very excellent points here. How a person presents themselves is everything.

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