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Kindle Books-Make Money as A Writer or Affiliate

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Hi all, I just wanted to update you all on the progress of my Kindle book sales. About a month or so ago, I decided to try out putting books up on the Kindle bookshelf. I will tell you a little about what I went through so far.

I first added a 17 page report “The Beginners Guide to Making Money Selling with Cafepress” about a month ago. I didn’t know what to price it at so I put it at $9.99 with a 70% royalty income coming to me. I sold two at that price but then did some research and found out that the best price seemed to be $2.99 for Kindle books. So, I have recently put it to that price and am waiting to see what will happen.

Many people who are successful on Kindle sell hundreds if not thousands a day. I have a plan laid out. As Kindle is just one of my many sources for earning with my book, I set up a plan to make 1000 sales a month. At $2.99 a piece with 4 titles on there now and more to be added in the future(I am working on writing some fiction right now so I can compare what sells better, fiction or non), I will make $2.04 on every sale. So, that should come out to roughly around $2000 a month.

Amanda Hocking is a 26 year old who has taken the world by storm with her teenage vampire series books. She has just recently been contacted by a publishing agency for a contract that could net her a couple million dollars. She started out January of 2010 and by August she was able to quit her day job and just turn to writing and marketing for a living. This is my goal. While my fiction stories are going to be based on two amateur sleuths who are sisters, I still think I will be in an area where there is great potential. I am presently working on two titles that I hope will be completed at the latest by the end of the year depending on how much time I get to devote to them(yes, I still have to work for a living as well). These titles are “The Deadly Chef” and “A Second Chance”. “A Second Chance” is actually a book on it’s own that is more of a romance/mystery than a Nancy Drew type mystery like I plan for “The Deadly Chef” and those I have lined up for the series.

Anyways, getting ahead of myself here and a little off-track, sorry. I have been reading that Kindle and other ebook readers are the way to go these days. People find them so much easier for taking to work, traveling and vacationing, and just sitting waiting in the doctor’s office and places where you find yourself having to wait with nothing to do. A Kindle can easily fit into your purse, backpack, or briefcase and practically have no weight to them. While it may seem a little bit expensive, when you consider that you can get books cheaper for the Kindle than other formats, it all balances out in the end. Plus just like with ebooks you would download and read from your computer, there are no shipping costs, and instant receipt of your product.
For example: a physical hard copy of my latest book “Top 10 Home Biz Ideas for 2011” costs $19.95 on my lulu store, with the download being $14.97, but you can purchase it at my Kindle store for only $2.99

If you would be interested in getting into the Kindle revolution, you can pick up a Kindle on Amazon, just click on the product link below for more information and to purchase.

If you would like to protect your Kindle, you can also pick up an affordable cover/case to keep it safe from debris and dropping.

I am very excited about this. Not only can you make money as an author, but you can also get into the action and make commissions from sales on Kindles, accessories, or Kindle books. With the popularity rising, this could make you a nice stream of income on it’s own.

Good luck and enjoy your Kindle reading experience!

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