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Making Money Is Fun!-New Books Teach You How

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This is a book I revised last year that I thought some of you may be interested in. Freelancing is becoming a great way for many people to stay home and earn a steady income. If you have writing skills, data entry skills, graphic design skills, programming, administrative skills, or various other skills, you can find yourself working from the comfort of your own home doing as many hours and jobs you can handle.

There are many companies out there that will put both those looking for work and those who have jobs to do together. You then pay a set fee and do the work and everyone is happy and making money. Once your reputation grows, you will find that some of these clients want to work with you ongoing and you can forget about having to find new jobs on the site.

This report of mine will detail how you can get started setting up an account, doing some tests and finding the best paying jobs. By the time you are done following the steps, you should be on your way to finding your first job and making your first steady paycheck.

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Another book that I wrote last year is popular with those who are trying to decide what business they should get into. Before you start a business, you need to assess your skills, interests, experience and finances. Once you think you have decided on a business idea, you then need to draw up a plan.

In this report 10 Home Biz Ideas for the Stay at Home Mom, I have introduced, explained and offered tips and resources for starting 10 of the most affordable and enjoyable businesses moms have been starting and running successfully over the last few years.

For more details and to find out which topics I discuss, click on the banner below. When starting a business, you should always choose something you will not only be good at but enjoy, I am sure you will find something that suits you within this book.

The e-commerce industry is booming. Once upon a time, only the big companies were trusted with credit cards and buying of products online. But over the last few years, customers have begun to realize that it is so much easier to buy things online and often the little guy may be the one with the more unique line of products or better deals. Those people who would love to stay home and start selling online with their own store can now have the opportunity and it only costs about $20-$50 a month to maintain your store, inventory and hosting. Don’t have any products to sell of your own and still wish you could be a seller? There are companies who work as drop shippers for you. You sell their inventory to your own customers and they ship the product under your name to your customer’s address.

In this book of mine, I walk you through step by step how to get started selling online. How to set up your own storefront, find products, and market your goods. You can work through the steps in this book as quickly or slowly as you want. And if you have any questions, you always know where to find me. I am always available to anyone who purchases my books.

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Finally the last book I would like to introduce you to that will enable you to have fun and make money with your own business in these trying economical times, is called Top 10 Home Biz Ideas for 2011.

This was written just recently and it is a second edition more or less to the one mentioned above(written last year), I wanted to research and add more ideas that were working for the mothers I spoke to over the last year or so. Many of them were making money with their own creations whether it was crocheting, making candles and soap or even chocolate. I mean, could you imagine making a living with chocolate? But it is true, you can if you do the proper research and know a few tricks.

In this report, I will share the top home biz ideas for both men and women this time around. While I still concentrate primarily on women, men can do many of the ideas in this report as well.

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