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All in One Office Equipment-Top Reasons Why Every Small Business Should Have One

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When you are running a business whether it is online or offline, the importance of having the right office equipment to help you can not be overlooked. One of the essential pieces of equipment for all businesses, I find are the all in one printers. With these little babies, you can scan, copy, and print all from one compact machine that sits nicely on a table beside your desk. While some people who work online may wonder why they need a piece of equipment like this, it is an affordable piece of office equipment to use when you need to print out reports, tax forms, contracts, or even hard copies of your clients information so you can keep a physical filing cabinet of their important information and projects. These also serve a dual purpose because you can use them to print off coupons, kids coloring printables, templates, or anything else you may find useful to help you organize your life.

I used to do tech support for Hewlett-Packard all in ones back in 2003-2005. While this was one of my favorite jobs for many reasons, I was taken back with the amount of issues people would call in for and many of these people would complain that they were losing out on thousands of dollars while this issue was not resolved. Thousands of dollars? I began to realize just how important these printers could be for a small business.

There are many products on the market today. Some people just go to the store and ask a sales rep what they should purchase and expect that they will be making the best decision for them. The thing is that most of these sales reps get paid on commission so they are likely to tell you any facts that they have memorized just to get you buying.

You need to take the time to know some of the specs yourself or you could be one of those people calling into the company while your money and business is flying out the window.This is my product recommendation for those of you looking to buy. This is a solid choice for those who are on a strict budget but still provides the quality and endurance one looks for in a higher ticket price.

HP Deskjet 3050 All-in-One Printer

Some of the features you want to look out for:
This has wireless capabilities. That means that if you have 2 computers in the house and you want to take this to another room where your laptop is, you can! Many of the older models(especially the ones I used to work with), never had this cool feature.

If you make up a lot of flyers, brochures, and other documents that need vibrant colors, you will want something like this that enables you to print high quality resolution copies. This is an excellent all in one for those who are in the photography business as well.

The ink used for this which is a 61 black and color is affordable unlike other machines and you can print up to almost 1000 pages per cartridge use. This machines prints out at 20 pages per minute for black and 16 pages per minute with color. This is a really fast printer.

It also scans in at 1200 dpi and copies up to 600 dpi which are good resolution outputs for most everything you will need to do.

It is easy to install and the directions and installation disk that come with it make it simple to follow along for even those who are not so technically inclined (if you do have a hard time, there is 24 hour tech support for people all around the world)

Stock up on your ink at the same time you purchase your printer for all less than $100.
HP 61 Black Ink Cartridge in Retail Packaging (CH561WN#140)

HP 61 Tricolor Ink Cartridge in Retail Packaging (CH562WN#140)

If you have recently bought one of these, I would love to hear your story and any recommendations you feel would help others make a good choice.

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  1. Laminator Reviews

    I love my printer-copier-fax machine! LOL. One other benefit of going for multi-tasking office equipment is that you won’t have to worry about keeping 3 types of ink cartridges which could also mean that you save money and resources and may even reduce your carbon footprint! 🙂

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