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Social Bookmarking Tools-Choosing the Best Ones for Your Marketing

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Social bookmarking is quickly becoming THE thing to do for bloggers everywhere. It has made a great impact in my own marketing efforts as I am pretty sure that it has for anyone who chooses to use it. While there are many sites online for bookmarking, there are a few sites that are popular with most marketers.

The ones I find bring me the traffic

Stumble Upon
Linked In
Xomba(this site you can earn residual income from adsense, post articles and bookmarks)
She Told Me(just like Xomba)

Once you have decided which bookmark sites you would like to use and signed up for them (a lot of them have an easy sign up you can use by just joining with your Facebook login), you will want to make sure that you add a plugin to your site as well. This way not only you can have an easy click connection to posting on your favorite sites but your visitors who like the post can also click to add their approval.

Now, I have tried a few plugins for wordpress. Most of them can be found by just typing in the words “social bookmark” in the search bar on the plugin page in your wordress admin section.

“I love Social Bookmarking” was ok but limited with the number of popular sites you could add for bookmarking to.
“Social Bookmark” gives you a lot more options and even it’s own little section in your tool side panel (you know on the left hand side where you have Settings, etc), where you can customize some things to make it just right.

“Only Wire” was a plugin that I found from an external source and while it seemed cool to use in the beginning, I started to realize that a lot of times, the submissions were unsuccessful due to the automated fashion it has over the manual ones like the ones above. I would then have to spend more time going back manually and submitting to those sites, or trying to submit again and hope for the best.

Also it only allows you to have 300 submissions before you need to pay a fee. This could be a drawback if you have multiple sites that you post to on a regular basis. And lastly, it takes a long time to complete the submissions and often times I forget it is not done and close my computer down, which means for those sites where you have to enter the numbers and passwords for human verification, do not get submitted and resume again the next time you boot up your internet.

So, all in all, I would recommend the Social Bookmark plugin which is what I am now using successfully and without a problem on this site and my other ones.

6 thoughts on “Social Bookmarking Tools-Choosing the Best Ones for Your Marketing

  1. Bridget

    I have only been using facebook, twitter and stumble, I will have to try some of those others

  2. melanie

    yes, Facebook, Twitter and Stumble are my top three, but She Told Me is pretty good to me, and Reddit and Mixx aren’t bad either considering I never heard of them before reading them on a business forum a few months ago.

    I wish you the best. I would be interested in finding out how they work for you.

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  4. Carol Bremner

    Nice work Melanie. I realize bookmarking works for traffic but also takes a lot of time. OnlyWire was recommended to me, so nice to hear your take on it.

    1. melanie

      yes, Carol, I used Onlywire for a short time but it is only good for up to 500 posts a month so if you have multiple sites, this can become a burden. Also, I found it was a little slow for processing. Some days it wouldn’t process/post on the sites it was scheduled for until the next morning. Social Marker is a good site to use for one central location but you still need to manually login to get it all started.

  5. Tallin

    This airtcle went ahead and made my day.

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