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Add Bling to Your Blog-Learning How to Attract Those Visitors

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In the online blogging world, there are many people searching for things every day. With new blogs being added on a regular basis all around the world, the competition is becoming a little bit tough for some niches. So what can you do to stand out from the crowd and ensure that those that land on your site will want to stay and read on, as well as bookmark you for coming back to, or signing up for your email list for updates?

Photos are one of the top things that will make your blog be remembered. Knowing where to find the right pictures to use, the format, and making sure you are not infringing on copyright material are all aspects you need to consider before choosing the right one for your blog post topic.

Today I would like to tell you a little bit about a report I just finished buying and reading called “Use Photos to Add Bling to Your Blog” by Bridget Greenwood. I have been following Bridget’s blog for quite some time now and believe that although she calls herself an amatuer and a hobby photographer, she has more words of wisdom and step by step instructions than many “professionals” I have come across.

Now, when I started reading this report, I thought I knew pretty much all I needed to know about making an attractive blog post. I knew a few places to grab royalty free graphics that gave you permission to post their photos as long as you gave them credit, and I thought I used them well.

WELL….Bridget opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking. She showed me the different types of photos there were to use, how to find them and use them in my post to achieve specific purposes, and she even tells you where to find a cool free tool you can use to resize your photos and not worry about losing the high resolution. I am not a photoshop geek or even know how to use any of the other graphics software programs out there so being able to find a free tool that could do what I needed to do that the Paint program I am famous for using is terrible at. Every time I tried to resize, I would lose resolution or get a grainy outcome and the whole project would be a waste of time.

Bridget writes step by step instructions for those of all ages so that no matter what type of experience you have, you will be able to follow along and do what she says.

She also teaches you how to take your own photos and explains why it would be better for you rather than using other peoples photos. This is beneficial in so many ways.

I recommend Bridget’s book to those of you who are trying to build up an online presence and value the importance of having a blog that is attractive and is able to keep your visitors coming back for more.

For more information on what this report offers, you can just click on the image below. The low cost of $11.97 for this report is a steal of a deal for what Bridget shares with you inside, and well within the price budget of most everyone who is serious about being successful blogging online.

P.S If you would like to start learning how to take great pictures and think you could use a camera, why not sign up here Just Free Stuff – Enter to win a Nikon Coolpix L110 Digital Camera

4 thoughts on “Add Bling to Your Blog-Learning How to Attract Those Visitors

  1. Bridget

    Melanie, thank you so much for taking the time to review my book. I am glad you enjoyed it and hope to see you using lots of photos in your future blog posts.

  2. mamamel

    Any time Bridget! I love a good book, especially one that teaches me a thing or two. I look forward to the challenge.

  3. Facemot

    I Hve No Camera T_T

    1. mamamel

      That is one of the great things about the report that Bridget has written. You do not need a camera to find and use photos for your blog. She just adds that as an extra for those who love photography. Why not sign up for the contest on the link below the article and see if you can win yourself a camera?

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