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Internet Marketing Lessons-What Can You Learn from Baking Cookies?

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You may be thinking that this post title is mighty strange, and in a way it just might be. Let me explain. Today, I was having a blah day. I was feeling like there wasn’t much I could teach and share so maybe I wouldn’t get to post after all. So, instead I decided that I would spend the day doing some baking. I had a hankering for some jelly drop cookies so I went online to find a good recipe.

There are tons of different recipes online. I looked through a few to see what the ingredients were, how hard it was to make and how long it would take. I read the reviews and comments and finally came to a conclusion on which recipe I wanted to try.

As I was mixing up the ingredients, my mind began to wander as it is prone to do. Soon enough it was back on the internet marketing business track. I started to think of some similarities between baking and internet marketing online. I thought I would share them with you.

Proper Research and Preparation
As you can see how I went about finding my recipe choice above, I did a lot of researching. I had things in mind that I thought were crucial to what I wanted to accomplish and I searched for a recipe that could fulfill just that.

This is much how it needs to be when we are working online. We need to do our research, know our keywords, provide relative information to answer the queries at hand, and provide a valid solution. The more you can provide your visitor with, the better chance you will have of being the “chosen recipe”.

If you are planning a product launch, making sure you have a great product and sales copy are definitely key, but if you can include testimonials, bonuses or anything to get your visitors on board, then you have a better chance of increasing your sales and reaching more people.

Choosing the Right Ingredients and Mixing Them Well
While I was mixing my dough, I thought about all those out there who say they have tried cooking and can’t. To me, as I love food, this was always a little bit of a puzzlement. You have the directions and list of ingredients right there in front of you, how can you not follow through and make it the way it should be?

But I realized that much like Internet Marketing, you need to have a little bit of a passion for what you do. If you do not have a good palate and a creative imagination for what tastes well together, you could never taste a recipe and see if it is yummy or could use a little bit extra(such as a bonus in internet marketing).

If you do not have a desire to bake and make something yummy both for yourself and whoever wants to eat it, you will never be very good at baking, no matter how many courses you could take. If you do not practice consistently, stay up to date on the latest trends for food(what could help your heart, cholesterol, etc), or put a little bit of love and personality into what you are creating, you will never be able to create a delicious recipe people would drive across the state border for.

The same goes with internet marketing. If you are just in it to make money and that is it, sure you may be able to accomplish that depending on how you go about it but you will never be able to truly build a business or brand that people will respect. You need to take it upon yourself to learn something new every day, teach something new every day, practice, be persistent and dedicated, and believe in yourself and what you are doing. When you create a product, make sure that it is with the intention to share something that is beneficial with your customers and not just a quick way to make a buck. It will show through in your product creation if there is no real love, passion or interest. You may get a few sales from these types of products, but repeat sales will be something you will never know.

If you do not plan on creating or selling your own products and only intend to sell other people’s products, than make sure that you only try to recommend those things that you have personal experience from, or can share an experience from someone you have interviewed who has benefited from the product. There are so many people online just trying to write up a 100 articles for a product or send out generic emails with no personality included just to try to make a buck. And what is happening? They are finding that it is not working, or if it is working, they are not having any fun and it is just feeling like a job even if they are their own boss.

I don’t know about you but one of the benefits for me in having my own business is the fact that I have control over what I do and promote. If I can not enjoy it or put a little of myself into it, than I do not want a part of it. If I just wanted to make money from home, I would not have started a business, I could have just gone and signed up with one of the online temp agencies or companies doing at home customer service. I would have had a paycheck like clock work every week and no financial worries. But I wanted to be able to build a name, a business and a presence in this online world. I wanted to help others be able to find and follow their dreams so they could raise their children and watch them grow. Too many families have both parents working, and sometimes even a father or mother who works two jobs as well.

I was blessed to be able to grow up in a home where my mom worked from home running a day care while she raised us six kids. When we all got a little older and more independent, she went and got a job outside of the home, but we had already been able to benefit from her being at home when we were young and needed her the most. I wanted to be able to offer the same thing to my own children. I want to help those other families be able to do the same thing.

Whatever your reason for building a business, remember that you will not be able to find true success unless you find a way to maintain financial freedom and peace of mind. To me, that is what true success really is.

Now, excuse me while I sign off to eat those homemade jam drop cookies that are cooling on the counter and making my mouth water with their delectable aroma. I encourage you to post a comment below and share your own story of success with us. I would love to hear it!

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