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10 Steps to a Successful Blog

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I have been spending a lot of time reading interviews and reports by bloggers such as Darren Rowse(Problogger), David Risley(author of the book Six Figure Blogger Blueprint), and a few others who are starting to make like $250,000 a year with their business. I am incredibly encouraged by their stories and although I am not sure I really care if I made that large amount, I still believe using the tips and advice from their books can propel me from a four digit a year income to five digits.

Many of these people have gone on to find their success by working 10-14 hour days, something which as a mother with a 2 yr old and 4 yr old is not something that I can do nor really want to at this stage in their life. I do know though that success is not only about the amount of dollars you can earn but how you can build your life. If I can stay home and make money while still watching my little ones grow, that means more to me than a seven figure a year business. When I first started out into this online world of earning, I merely was looking for a way to stay home and replace my income from the outside world.

As I learned more, experienced more and grew more in both self confidence and pride, I realized that this was what I wanted to be doing, and I was capable of running my own business. To me, that was a turning point. That was when I realized I had acquired success. I had learned how to make money online, taught myself skills that were highly sought after by others, and still had time to take the kids to the mall, the doctors, the park and grandmas all while others slaved away in a job they hated for a boss who could never be satisfied, and always seemed to demand more.

Anyways, before I run away with myself on this post, I want to get down to the real reason why I started this post in the first place. After all of what I have read and studied the last little while, I thought I would jot it all down and summarize it into 10 steps to a successful blog. Now these are just steps to be taken, not a how to of the means to do them. For that, you will need to either grab a copy of David Risley’s Six Figure Blogger Blueprint yourself(it is free if you sign up to his mailing list) or do a Google search to find out more information.

The main basics for success with blogging.


2.Producing Quality Content

3.Guest posting and blog commenting on relevant blogs

4.Writing articles for EzineArticles and sending them to a sign up page on your blog for your email list.

5.Making videos and posting up on several video sharing sites like youtube(even if this means taking some of your free mini reports or blog posts and either making a powerpoint presentation, or reading it as you create pictures to go with what is being said.)

6.Create podcasts and post to same file sharing or audio posting sites like itunes and such. Simply read a blog post and record or tell a story or something to attract attention and get people to come to your blog or sign up for your email list.

7. MAKE and SELL your OWN products. Start with info products and then you can burn them into cds with software tools that will benefit your visitors/customers, or something else that will be enjoyable and an incentive to get them to buy your product.

8. While you do want to add affiliate products to your income streams, just use these as a side income with the intention of your main personal products being the real money makers.

9. Once again with the banner ads and adsense, you will not probably make more than $3 a day(which still takes like 1,000 visitors a day), so don’t spend so much time on this avenue. Put it up, if it makes money great, if not, who cares. This should not be a focus.

10. Don’t forget to use the sales funnel. Once you get people on your list, make sure you try to get them buying small affordable things and then move up to the higher priced items. When choosing affiliate programs try to go for memberships and products that will give you income every month for a one time effort(such as Aweber who pays $5.38 a month for each member)

To become a successful blogger, you need to remember that you are running a business. Businesses SELL things or they are out of business. If you want to be a successful blogger, you must realize that you are merely using your BLOG as a means to market if you plan to make a living from blogging. If you just want to make money with a blog, then you can do the banners, sell affiliate products, take a bunch of paid to post blogging jobs and sponsored posts at $10-$20 a piece. While this may even make you a living, you will never make very much(i.e.: you will stay at $20k a year instead of the potential to make like $200k a year with your own business). Plus your blog may appear spammy to the search engines if you have too many outgoing links and hardly anything coming in.

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