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Kindle Book Publishing-Is It Right for You?

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I was reading through a blog the other day by Michele Scism The Results Lady on how to publish your books to Kindle for another selling outlet. As a self published author, it is your job to find as many ways to get your book selling out there as you can. So, that being said, when I came across her post, I was intrigued.

I followed along, went to the Amazon site and signed up to get started. What a nightmare! First off, I decided I would use one of my older tutorials created in 2008. I needed to revise it and add a few updates to it so I opened it up in Word. Well of course, I only have Word 2003 so the “create to pdf” is not an option. So, I needed to find a way to make it into a pdf once it was complete.

I downloaded and tried several free pdf converters like CutePDF, PrimoPDF, and even my favorite online option whatever reason, it would not upload and convert on that one). With all of the versions I tried, I could not make the anchor text within my document clickable once converted. I knew I needed to have it saved as a pdf through Open Office if not possible through Word.

So, remembering(actually, thanks honey for the reminder) that you can open a document with another program, I opened my document in Open Office, spent some hours fooling around with the formatting, adding new pictures to it to fill up the holes where the pictures did not copy over(for whatever reason), and finally got it set up and looking good.

I read through the Kindle rules about the formats that are accepted for the books. I tried uploading the Word doc and it never did finish the upload although it was supposed to be the preferred method. So, when I did successfully convert to the pdf version, I tried uploading that and it finally accepted it.

So, to make a long story short….I got to the pricing options. When reading through all the requirements and royalties available, I realized that as a Canadian, I was only entitled to earn 35% while American’s and those from the U.K. could go on to earn a full 70%. That meant for me to earn even $5 per sale, I had to price the 17 page tutorial at $14.97, which was $5 more than I was selling it as a digital download from my own site.

I can see some benefits to adding my product onto the Amazon network as a Kindle book and am curious to see how much more traffic and sales I can end up getting, so I did upload and add that one tutorial. But I am still glad that I have both my own site and the store of mine to keep selling my books in the other formats.

It is important to have your options open and explore every opportunity you can come across, but as this experience showed me, some options are more suitable to other people and other countries.

While Canada is coming along nicely catching up with the American opportunities for many things, it still has a way to go. As freelance writers, Canadians are not offered as many opportunities as Americans to earn an income, although they still have more avenues than some other places on the globe. I guess it is all a matter of time. Soon enough though with the way the economy is going and as online growth continues, the opportunities will abound.

If you have had an experience adding your own book to the Amazon Kindle network, we would love to hear your story. Please post it in the comments below.

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