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Make and Sell Greeting Cards?

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I never really thought there was much money in making and selling greeting cards. Well, mostly selling the ideas for $50 a piece. But a month ago a mom on the WAHM forum was talking about making and selling her cards on Greeting Card Universe.

So, I tried it, and was disappointed to find out that there was a 3 week waiting list to get my 12 cards approved.I decided to make some cards up on Zazzle to add to the other products in my store. They were nice, published right away and there they sit.

Four days ago, I was informed that all my holiday cards were accepted at Greeting Card Universe but my other 8 miscellaneous cards need revisions. Anyways, after only having the 4 cards up in my store for a few days and not doing any promoting at all, I was surprised to wake up today and check my email to find out that I had sold 8 cards and made $4.46! Now I know that isn’t much at earning only .56 a card, but the fact that they were just posted to my store and I had not done any promoting, showed me that that site must get a lot of traffic so I may just stick with it and make cards up for every holiday.

I am not an artist. So, once I have the writing for the greeting done, I either ask my sister Bridget Greenwood who is a professional photographer to go in on the deal with me and give me something appropriate to put on the card, or I go hunting down in the public domain photos. These are photos and clipart that are either old or people have given up copyrights to. You can then use the photo in any way you want to make your own product. It is a great life saver!
You must read the terms though, some of the shots with people’s faces can be covered by a privacy law that has nothing to do with copyrights. If the author/artist/photographer says you are free to use it without worry then you can. The last thing you want is to make money selling something only to find out you will be sued for using someones face without permission.

Anyways, I just wanted to share a new idea with you and to toot my own horn about my first sale on the site. If you are just an artist and can not write, well, there are plenty of people at this site who put their work on the cards with nothing on the inside, and they still sell.

Also if you are creative and love to sell your own products, if you have not tried Zazzle yet, you really should. It is much like Cafepress but for a free store you can make way more products than you can with the free option on Cafepress. Also, I would have gone ahead and paid for the $6.95 a month premium price at Cafepress to get the few items(mostly baby) that Zazzle does not have, but I do not own a credit card and they do not have the option to pay with Paypal. So, if you do not own a credit card either, try opening a shop on Zazzle. The interface is way easier than any of the other places I have tried and you do not have to worry so much about sizing your photos since you can do it right in the control panel of the shop.

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  1. Carol Bremner

    Good for you Melanie. Just goes to show we shouldn’t give up without giving our ideas a fighting chance.

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