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The Benefits of Keeping Updated with Online Programs

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I was wondering what I was going to post today but then I realized that maybe, perhaps I should spend some time going back to my blogger blogs and do a little updating and organizing.

While I was there, I decided that I would create another blog to catalog my progress on writing for pay, and offer some tips and ideas for those stay at home moms, or work at home moms looking for a way to make some money with their own writing.

A had a little problem with Blogger awhile back where they deleted one of my blogs due to a random SPAM check. Once I had verified that I was a human and answered some questions, they informed me that I would get my blog back online. But alas, I am still waiting. Hence the reason why I decided to change my strategy and create a new blog based on some of the topics I was going to share on that site.

Anyways, before I run off on that rant, I want to tell you why I am excited to post here now, and how I realized just how important it is for you to stay updated on the latest happenings of online services such as Blogger.

I logged into my new blog to set up my layout, get the Adsense going and everything else I normally do(upload and install a new template that I found from another site, etc).  When I logged in to the new dashboard to set up the Adsense, I found that Blogger had added more ways to monetize your blog. Now there has always been other things you could add such as the html and affiliate codes from other products, but now, it is even simpler. With one click you can add your Amazon info and get a sidebar widget or ads showing up at the end of each post. Nice!

Here are some screen shots of the different ways you can now easily monetize your blog.

This new area now allows you to see at a glance how much money you are making with Adsense on your blog each day instead of having to log into your Adsense account.

There are various ways you can set up your Amazon ads to display just as you can with your Adsense ads. You can choose to display specific things or hot sellers, or any category you choose.

Some people do not have time to log onto your blog every day for a read. For these people, they can subscribe to your RSS Feed and get an update to read anytime you post something new. Well, now you can set it up so that you can even earn Adsense money from your RSS Feed. I think that is excellent! Another little income stream you can benefit from for only a few minutes worth of work.

Well, I hope I have given you something to think about. If you do not have your own hosting(or even if you do, since I have both), you should take the time to set up a Blogger blog on one of your favorite topics or hobbies and add another source of income to your business plans.

Now just go out there and DO it!

I would love to hear about and follow any new blogs you set up. So, if you have one, feel free to leave a comment and I will check it out and start following you.

And remember, you CAN make money writing about what you love.  Just put in the time to write intelligent, informative or funny posts and people will start following you. It is not an overnight thing, it takes a lot of consistent work, but it is one of the most enjoyable business models you can come up with if you add little ways to monetize it.

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