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About three months ago, I came across a site that pays you to write articles, but also pays you a percentage of adsense shares earned on your articles. Seeing as it was upfront pay as well, I signed up. It is called Bright Hub. You are only allowed to do 5 articles in the first month, but by the end of 90 days, you are free to do as many as you can take on. There are also numerous channels(categories/niches), you can write in. I am in 7 channels although I really only like the topics in 3 of them.

After 3 months and 10 articles(I have been a little busy doing other stuff too so haven’t done 5 a month), I have earned approximately $1.10 a month from those articles. That means that each one is worth about .10 each a month now. But the more articles get added and the more time goes on, that will pick up to $1 an article a month on average(sometimes more depending on keywords and search results)

If you would like to earn upfront pay and make residual income every month, apply to the link below.You will need writing samples, and information like with a standard job application, as this is a job as well as a means to make a passive income on the side.

Now there are a ton of other content sites out there that you can submit your articles to and earn revenues from. While most others do not pay upfront fees too(although some do but most are for Americans-which I am not, those are like Associated Content,and Demand Studios(eHow))Some of these sites pay per view, meaning that every 1000 views your articles get, you earn like $3.57. Now this doesn’t seem like much, but if you have hundreds of articles on the site and they are there for a year or more, this could get you earning like $50-$500 a month or more depending on how many you have, the titles of the articles(if people are searching that info), and how well you format and write your articles.

Bukisa is my favorite. Although I have just been there for a month and not seeing anything more than the $3.57 I am encouraged. I have 52 articles on there now(one great thing is that they allow you to put up your articles that are other places like Ezinearticles, etc)

Another way you earn residual income from this site and others like this, is you get a percentage of the income earned from your referrals. So, when they make their $3.57 per 1000 views, you would get like $.50 This can add up over time depending how many referrals you get and how many articles they publish.

And if you are not a writer but like to make videos(product review videos do well for making money), or create audios, then there is a place for you here too. You can earn every month from those types of files as well!

If you would like to try it out, just click on the banner below.

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    A good method to have a greater boom from your article marketing should be to cross reference subject-related articles between each other.

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