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Keys to Finding the Best Products for Your Business

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While I have been talking a lot about online business, I thought I would mention something that pertains to offline business as well. It is about products and where to find the best products for your business at a reasonable price.

A few years back when I first started online before I narrowed down my field of expertise, I did some selling online with the help of a dropshipper. Now for an online business, a dropship company is the best to have, especially when first starting out.

But if you are running an offline company, you want to make sure that you get the best products for the best prices delivered right to your door. While you still want to make sure you have a well known and trusted name brand, having the name brand that is advertised the most on tv may not necessarily be the wisest choice.

One of my last offline jobs was working as a bartender. I have always loved to cook and make drinks and even thought of running my own catering business. While one of the most useful tools I found when running the bar was what was called a soda siphon. This cool looking device allowed me to whip up some yummy cocktails and refreshments. I hosted a Halloween party one year and for weeks after, the patrons kept raving about how delicious my Harvey Wallbanger was.

A soda siphon will carbonate any water and is easy to hold and use with the typical 32 oz container. If you want to entertain clients, it is an excellent addition to your office bar and great for whipping up those whiskey and sodas for helping to seal the deal with a client.

They can be purchased online and shipped right to your door at $69.99 a piece. These products are durable and come in three colors to match your decor. So, whether you are in the habit of meeting clients, hosting dinner parties, catering or running your own bar, this is a great product to have on demand that will work wonders for your drinks mixed with carbonated water. Buy it with another product such as a cream dispenser and you will be all set for those clients who would prefer drinking coffee while in a meeting instead.

Finding products that are both useful for business and pleasure are some of the best investments you can make. So next time when you are contemplating what products you should buy for you business, think of ones that will serve multiple purposes and make your dollar go that extra distance.

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