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The Importance of Coffee When Working!

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I thought I would take a minute and write a little post that is more humorous than anything else. A little off topic than usual but hopefully still an enjoyable read for you.

I don’t know about how things go at your house, but at mine, if you don’t have coffee, you can go a little batty!

I wake up at the crack of dawn every morning with my one year old and 3 yr old. I am on the go until midnight every night and if I manage to see a night with more than 5 or 6 hours of sleep, I feel like I am in heaven!

There are several types of coffee that I have sampled over the years. There is instant coffee, Ground Coffee, flavored coffee, and decaf coffee. Years ago I used to work in a coffee shop and found the secret to taking out the bitterness for your brewed coffee is just a pinch of salt in your grinds before the water seeps on through it. Works like a charm.

I recently was diagnosed with diabetes and not being able to have sugar in my coffee, I definitely appreciate being able to take the bitterness out of my coffee so I can drink it. Ground coffee by far goes the longest way and if kept securely in a nice dark, dry area, it will last a long time.(I even keep mine in the freezer)

I strongly believe that one of the best kept secrets to running a successful business from home and raising some rowdy children, is a constant supply of freshly brewed coffee!

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