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I know I write a lot about ways to make money with your writing but that is because that is what I do for a living and what I liked to think I know quite a bit about.

I would like to offer you a copy of my new 12 page report “Write for Pay” and you can download it here now. It comes with links for software that will help you cut your work in half and allow you to make twice as much money.
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Today though, I would like to talk more about PLR and the use of it. I recently participated in a few giveaway events to see about building up my list some more. I don’t know how much longer though I am going to continue with those types of events though. It seems that there is no new products being put into them. I can sign up to 8 different giveaways and see the same products being given away in each of them.

If PLR can be used in so many different ways to make new products, why is no one using it to create these unique reports? Is it because no one knows how, or is because no one can be bothered?

Think about this. Say you wanted to create a new product. What would be more beneficial and time saving for you:
1. spend hours researching a niche topic and then taking notes, and creating an outline for a new report. Then either writing it up yourself or paying for a ghostwriter to do it. One way would take you about a week or more depending on how much time you had to put into it, and the other could cost you anywhere between $100-$600 depending on how many pages you wanted.
2. do a half an hour of keyword research to see what niche products and information people are looking for. Then go through your plr material and look for some articles on that topic, work through them, get them organized, edited and put together into a new report. This could take maybe a few days. Or if you don’t have anything already on that topic, you could go looking for some plr from a membership or web writer and get it. This would take you a little while longer and would cost a little more but it would be more specific than trying to re-work some related articles.

You can see the point I am driving at. There is no reason that with all of the PLR floating around for cheap or even free a lot of times, that serious marketers who want to get ahead and make a name for themselves, can’t go out and create something new.

I would really like to see more new reports and products coming out on the market instead of the same old things. How can anyone expect to build a list and get new people if the same marketers are telling their list about these same giveaways that have the same freebies available that they saw the last time they joined up. This will in turn make giveaways become extinct and completely useless for list building purposes.

Next time you want to think about writing a report, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to write a comment here or email me and I will help you out. I would be more than happy to help you get set up with a unique product of your own.

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