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Autoresponder Messages-Is Your List Responsive?

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I realize I have written about autoresponders on one or two occasions before but I thought I would give you an update on my own personal experience and what I have learned that has made a difference to me.

First off, if you do not know, one of the best ways to build up a steady income is by building a list of loyal subscribers who are open to receiving emails from you. There are many autoresponder services you can use ranging from free to very expensive but I, and many other internet marketers have had much success using Aweber. It is affordable at $19 a month and you can have unlimited lists running(I have 7 now) and you also get a month free so you can give it a test drive, watch all the setup videos and tips they provide to help you get the best campaign running.

I used to just sign up fro affiliate programs and then copy and paste the emails from the programs blindly into my autoresponder. I would never talk to my subscribers on a personal level, never give them anything that I had personally written, created or had access to to offer them for free. Because of this, I found that even if half my list did not necessarily unsubscribe, they simply just deleted my emails never opening them at all.

For awhile I gave up on building a list. But then I read a good book by another successful internet marketer who talked about how you apply a certain procedure to your campaign.

1. You send a freebie out first
2. Then you send them a link to a blog post they may find useful that you just wrote up.
3. Then you could tell them about a new resource that you found that is free to use or download that will help them get organized or add value to their business.
4. Then you send them a recommendation to a PAID product that they may find useful. Make sure that you only endorse your own products or those you have personally used and benefited from. If you do want to use an email from the product/program itself, reword it or add an opening and closing to it of your own words so that your subscribers can still get to know the real you and trust what you are saying. Plus it is often more convincing if they can read just how the product helped you.

You then rinse and repeat that process. In this way, you are staying in touch with them but not always seeming like you want them for their money. Which after all this is not the bottom line. You hope that you will make some money, but you really need to build up a solid trusting relationship with your subscribers in order to get anything out of your time and efforts.

This is what I have learned and applied in the last 6 months. And although I still only have a list of a couple hundred people, I have more open rates happening, a few people have emailed me with questions and comments and I feel I am very close to making some sales in the near future if I keep this up. I feel better about myself and not feel like I am a failure or a greedy monger.

If you haven’t started your list yet, you need to get on over to Aweber and sign up. They have a ton of new opt in templates that are really cool looking, and even some new email templates for those that want to add that personal or professional touch to their emails(I have my logo and photo on one of mine). While it may take time to build up a solid list that will start to take your advice and buy the products you recommend, once you have established a good relationship with your subscribers, you could see your income doubling, tripling or even quadrupling in no time. If you are serious about building a profitable business online and finally stop working for someone else, you need to get on board with growing a list!

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