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Safelist Usage: Is it worth your time?

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There is much controversy about using safelists and other such types of services. Many swear that these services enabled them to build up large lists while not having one of their own yet. Others say that they are a waste of time.

I find that regardless of what marketing method you choose to use for your own business, they all may have the potential to work depending on the person who uses them as well as the type of business you are trying to market. Much like traffic exchanges. If you are trying to sell shoes and accessories, trying to get anything going for your business in traffic exchanges or safelists, would not be a wise way to spend your time. The only people/businesses who benefit from these types of services are those who are promoting list building tools/services, and those who are promoting traffic related items.

I find that some of the safe lists that are out there are pretty good. I have only maybe tried 5 or 6 out of the possible hundred or more around, but I was just testing the waters. I found some of them though just sent way to much email for you to read to be able to submit your email ads every 3 days or 5 days or even 7 and 10 days.

I am going to tell you about one such service though. It may not be one of the big ones other marketers are pushing, but you can mail to your choice of 4 different lists, all which have ranging from 4000-24000 members. Although with the free membership your email only gets sent to 500 people a day. But if you think about it, sending out to 500 every day with that much of a choice, can really add up.
It also has a pretty good affiliate program. You get paid $10 for everyone who joins and upgrades to a pro(which is worth it if you find you have gotten some response from your testing) And the best part for me is that although you do have to read 10 emails a day in order to send your own ad, you only do it from their site once you log into your account. No clogging up your email inbox(I already have enough coming in, don’t you?)

If you want to do a test run, you can find your favorite affiliate program that is offering residual income(you know the kind that you only have to make one sale and you get paid something every month), find the email ad that they offer(you may want to add a little to it to personalize it, or change it up a little for more success), create an account from the site with the link I leave below, and then read your 10 emails required, and blast your ad away.

If you do this day in and day out(takes like 20 mins if that, from your day) to test it with all 4 of the lists there, for say 3-6 months, you will be able to see what kind of results you get. If you like the results, you can try a different affiliate promotion to see if you get the same type of results.

Be sure to track your results from all campaigns you run for your business. Hits Connect is one of the best programs I find out there to do that. It is free to join, there are tons of tools to help you out, and you can even have access to other programs you can make money with. It is worth the look and is a must have tool for every business owner as far as I see it.

O.k. so, today you were given a reason to try out a safelist that does not clog up your inbox with other people’s ads, and you can send out an email to 500 people each and every day. I think this should work regardless of whatever niche you are in, it just may have better results for make money/traffic and listbuilding businesses. I am going to be trying it out with my weightloss site next so I will keep you posted to let you know which of my campaigns are doing better.

Now, the next step is up to you. Go and sign up at Trade-A-List and Hits Connect and get started setting up your campaigns. It may take you a little while today to get it all set up, but once it is running, it will only take you 15-20 mins a day to add this extra income stream possibility into your marketing strategies.

You never know if something will work for you unless you try it. And then give it a good enough go like the 3-6 months. If you still have not made a sale in that time, try another campaign or move on, it will be your choice.

Here’s to your success! Be sure to come back on here and comment if you are having success with these programs or even if they did not work for you. Others can benefit from hearing our experiences.


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