The Importance of Staying Focused on Your Goals

Let’s face it. The more blogs get started up every day, the more businesses begun online every week, the more competition we find ourselves in. For those who are just trying to get focused on one niche and get making some money, this can be a discouraging aspect when fighting to remain committed.

I have been working online now for about six years. It was not until my third year online when I turned to offering services that I even began to see a steady income every month. I have had over 10 blogs that I have trashed over the last few years, each time trying to save what useful information I had gathered over time to re-purpose into a report to sell or articles to publish in directories.

If you do find yourself wanting to go on to something new, ask yourself a few questions first.
1. Have you made any money with this niche/project?
2.If the answer to question one is no, then question why. Did you not explore all possibilities for marketing or just try one way and when it didn’t work convinced yourself that it was a dead horse? Did you put in the proper time for keyword search to see if the niche was something popular?

If you have answered yes to all of these questions and are still not making any money. Try to look into deeper reasons. Do you just slap up posts that are poorly written or thought out, with no real feeling or energy put into them? People will not stick around to read if you are boring or they can tell you do not really have an interest in your own subject. Do you care to get involved with your readers? Are you always just after money and not trying to build up a reputation, and solid foundation for a business?

If you need extra help, try going to forums and asking for opinions or suggestion from other internet marketers. You can join or or or just do a Google search for internet marketing forums. I have found a ton of useful information, received some great advice and met some awesome, caring people from these forums. I have also found that when I am feeling down and discouraged that these places have the power to help me turn my focus back to where it needs to be.

Running a business online and making money is not always an easy prospect in the beginning. It requires a lot of testing and tweaking with trial and error. If you are not willing to do this and take each experience as a lesson to build on, then maybe you should just go look for another offline job.

Once you have found the system that works for you, keep repeating the same steps over and over again and you should soon find that you will have money coming in on a steady basis. Also keep your goals realistic. If you have a dream of making $150k a year online but can barely make $5 a day then, maybe you should be setting smaller goals such as $3000 a month by the end of the year, $6000k by the end of 2011 and $10k every month by the end of 2012. This will help you from getting discouraged on your low income days and keep you plugging away knowing that success is only around the corner.

It can be done. There are successful marketers all over the net. But there are also marketers that drop off the internet because they couldn’t stay focused on their goals.

One thing I read from one of my favorite marketers Jimmy D. Brown the other day was something I struggle with still today. I am always wanting to be a jack of all trades. I want to get into info product creation, then do services, then flip websites, then do niche blogging, etc. But if you scatter yourself all over like that, you do not have enough energy or resources to become a true success at one main thing that could bring you in the money. Find either your passion, or your top skill and pursue that.

If you are a people person, then a service business would be good for you if you have graphic design skills or networking skills, office/administration/customer service skills, or writing. I have made the most money from my services business online but I have also created information products to sell since I am a writer by trade.

I only have a few steady clients I prefer to work with and this frees me up for writing for my own business pursuits. I have written reports that have had no response from the masses because I based it off of something I was interested in and not widely searched for. But you just put your head down, do some keyword research and make sure you choose a better choice next time. But by staying focused on one thing, you will still have multiple opportunities to expand your business.

AND one other IMPORTANT thing to remember is: DON’T FORGET TO MARKET! Build a brand, and market yourself always!

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