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12 Videos Show You How to Set Up Resell Rights Packs for Sale

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Have you ever been excited to start something new, only to end up frustrated in the end because you can’t figure it out? Well, that is the way it goes with a lot of new internet marketers. It is nice to get your hands on an affordable resell rights product you can start making money from selling to your own customers, but what good does it do you if you can’t figure out how to unpack the contents, edit all the files as you need them, and then upload all of the images and files into the right folders on your server so they will be available for others to visit?

Well, I know how that feels because when I first started with resell rights products, I had the same problem. I wondered how other marketers could get this all figured out and online ready for sales. I had to learn the hard way with a lot of research, trial and error and some help from some fellow techies at my favorite business forums.

But now today there is a 12 set video pack that you can purchase for an awesomely low price of just $17 that shows you step by step the actual unpacking and setting up of a resell rights package. If I had known Ben Brooks was going to start offering this package for such a low price instead of his usual $97, I would have hunted him down a long time ago when I needed it most.

Now you have the opportunity to save yourself some time and stress and just follow along with these easy to follow videos that Ben has created to help you.

I’d say go check them out now before he puts the price back up! Think of all the money you could be making with all of those resell rights products you have just sitting on your desktop. Cha Ching! You can earn your money back in no time.

He shows you how to do all those tricky steps like adding and linking the payment button to your paypal account, and how to insert your autoresponder code into the sales page if you want to capture a visitors email for the ability to remind them later of the benefits of the products you are selling.

So, go now and at least read over the sales page and then think about it for awhile if you need to, but don’t think too long, or you could be losing out on the opportunity to be bringing in money for your business.
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    neat – just what I have been looking for

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