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Reviewing our Accomplishments

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It is a new year full of lots of possibilities. I thought I would take some time to review some of my accomplishments from last year and list a few I would like to work on this year. It important to keep your goals not only written down but to review them every so often so they stay fresh in your head and you can stay focused on where you need to be.

2009 Accomplishments

gave birth to my third son and fourth and final child.

started up a new business website

found some good writing clients that have provided me with solid work.

wrote a couple more reports to sell and giveaway online, bringing my total to 8 tutorials, 4 reports, and 9 mini free reports all on ways to make money online, and ways to get traffic

started making a little steady money with commissions from affiliate marketing

finished an affiliate management course, set my own affiliate program up for my reports complete with email promos, banners and text ads.

reached my income goal I had set for the year end.

For this new year, I plan on a few things both in business and my personal life.  Take a few moments of your day to plan your next year.

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